What’s Woocommerce

WooCommerce is essentially a plugin that is open source for WordPress. Its goal is to add e-commerce features to the WordPress website so that you can have an online store. Back in 2011, the WooCommerce plugin was released. For all those who wanted to create their own online stores, this plugin quite quickly became a solution. It’s a free plugin and it runs on computers of all kinds. For online retailers, WooCommerce is an excellent alternative as it blends solid e-commerce structures with WordPress versatility.

Why choose Wooden Business Development?

When it comes to e-Commerce solutions, the creation of WooCommerce is a complete kit. It is easy to use, fast and can adapt to any kind of business demand.

Sells Everything: WooCommerce uses a WordPress platform to sell goods and services. This enables you to sell something. Be it physical goods, digital products, utilities, subscriptions, appointments, etc. When it comes to sales, it is highly versatile.

Free and Open Source: It is fully free, just like WordPress. Pricing plays an important role for every new retailer, as it adds to the expense. A solution to that issue is WooCommerce. It is also open-source, so it can be used and updated by anyone according to their needs, making it highly customizable.

User-Friendly: WooCommerce is highly user-friendly and does not involve coding and anything to be known to the person. For beginners who want to open an online shop, it is very easy to use.

Extensible: Since it has plugins, it is extremely efficient and extensible that one can add any features to the store without having any technical expertise. In regards to how goods are managed, delivered and how payments are made, these plugins will extend functionality. Every day, there are more than 450 extensions that help to customize the online store in countless ways. WooCommerce is the best e-commerce site if the distributors use the correct plugins.

Data Control: WooCommerce allows you, unlike any other third-party site, to have full control of your data, so there is always a chance that all data will be lost if they close you. With WooCommerce, that is not the case, all the details whether its consumer background, orders, store results, you stay in charge of it.

Themes: There are thousands of themes on WooCommerce. The development of WooCommerce enables you to use these themes and make your online store look exactly as you want it to and does not require you to be a programmer. With little or no details about technicalities, you can do this.

Analytics: When it comes to any business, analytical knowledge is very important. WooCommerce offers a comprehensive range of analytics in a simple and intuitive interface that is displayed. The integration of third-party analytics extensions such as Google Analytics during the growth of WooCommerce is also quite easy.

Payment Gateways: The development of WooCommerce enables you to select payment gateways as well. More than 100 payment gateways are available that can be incorporated into an online store. The creation of WooCommerce enables retailers to accept checks, cash on delivery, bank transfer, or to accept large credit cards and other PayPal payments using PayPal.

Safe and compatible: The growth of WooCommerce is safe. It guarantees that your site does not have any security breaches. It means that when shopping and making payments, customers face no problems. It is cross-browser and compatible with cross-devices. It fits well with smartphones and browsers of all sorts.

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