Common DIY Tools for Cell Phone Repairs in North Vancouver


A cell phone is a device that everyone loves owing to the advantages it offers to its users. The usage of a cell phone is high in North Vancouver, like other parts of the world. However, cell phones do not come without faults as some issues can spoil your cell phone usage and affect your cell phone performance at full. Some common cell phone issues include screen damage, a dead battery, a broken camera lens, and liquid damage. One option for you for cell phone repairs in Vancouver is that you visit an affordable repair shop and get it repaired; it is also the safest and the fastest method for cell phone repair because you may not be a cell phone user who has expertise in dealing with the cell phone on one’s own. If your cell phone is in a warranty, you can get it fixed by the manufacturer, but it may take longer than expected. If you have the required tools for cell phone repair in North Vancouver and know how to use them, you can fix your cell phone on your own.

DIY (Do It Yourself) Tools for Cell Phone Repair:-

Here are some of the most useful tools that you can deploy yourself and try cell phone repair on your own in North Vancouver:

  1. Soldering Iron: It is one of the mandatory tools to solder small items of your smartphone, such as a microphone, speaker, diode, voltage regulator, and capacitor. Generally, it would help if you had a 40 W (Watt) soldering iron to repair your small cell phone components. Those soldering irons, which are temperature controlled, act more quickly to transfer heat fast to your cell phone components and get them soldered.
  • PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Holder:You may not be able to do the repairs on your PCB conveniently in North Vancouver if you do not let it stay in place. Therefore, instead of ignoring any precautions while trying to fix the components on your cell phone’s PCB, you can utilize a PCB holder to hold the circuit firm and continue with repairing.
  • Brushes: You should have some small and large brushes to clean the various parts of your cell phone. It is advised that you use antistatic brushes to safely remove dust from your smartphone’s parts and clean your cell phone parts in a safe manner.
  • Magnifying Lamp: You can utilize a magnifying lamp to get a close view of your cell phone’s small components. Usually, it would be best if you utilized the magnifying lamp to repair the PCB. Different types of magnification options will be available to you while you use a magnifying lamp. For instance, the magnification maybefive times or more or even less. You can also illuminate the work area using the light that might come with a magnifying lamp.
  • Spudger: It is a beneficial tool to pry or poke the different cell phone parts with a smudger with a pointed and flat end. The pointed part helps you hold objects to solder, connect or disconnect components, and the flat end can pry the open parts, unscrew items, and even disconnect the connectors. Spudger is also an antistatic tool; for the same reason, you can work with it safely for cell phone repairs in North Vancouver.
  • Cleaner: Utilizing the thinner or a cleaning solution in North Vancouver can be handy to clean your cell phone parts when you do the repairs. One of the most common cleaning solutions and the ideal choice is Isopropyl Alcohol that is highly effective at cleaning items. You need to utilize a top-notch cleaner if you do not want to take a risk and damage your PCB or other sensitive parts of your cell phone.

These are some of the common and handy tools for DIY cell phone repairs. If you do not feel confident fixing your broken cell phone yourself, you should choose a cell phone repair shop in North Vancouver to fix your damaged cell phone. It is also a risk-free and reliable option for you.


Cell phone repairs in Vancouver can be performed in different ways. If your cell phone is in the manufacturer’s warranty, you can get it fixed by the manufacturer. You can also do the repairs yourself if you know how to use specific cell phone repair tools. You can use six common tools to fix your cell phone in North Vancouver, including soldering iron, PCB holder, antistatic brushes, magnifying lamp, spudger, and a cleaning solution. If you do not have the technical knowledge to fix your cell phone on your own, you can approach a reliable repair shop in North Vancouver for repairs. Last but not least, getting your cell phone repaired from a reliable and affordable repair shop is a risk-free option too. Cell Fixx (https://www.cell is a repair shop serving Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Prince George, & Richmond regions and repair cell phones, tablets, and laptops

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