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Instagram moves money, a lot of money. Despite not allowing you to create links that work when you click, except in the biography or profile, many sales are achieved through Instagram. Brands and influencers make alliances to both benefit, but what you may not know is that, even if you are not one of the greats in one sector or another, you can also earn money with your Instagram. Are you going to waste it?


One of the first things that come to mind on Instagram is sponsoring brands for inspiring people. Now, there are many types of sponsorships, some of which are more profitable than others, and as such, there are special deals for Instagram’s VIP users: high conversion power or influence with celebrities. Buy Instagram Story Views UK is looking at all possibilities with sponsors in this social network.

Reviews and testing

They consist of sending products that are going to go on the market or have just been released, so that Instagram publishes one or more photographs or videos, explaining how it is used and what they think.

Depending on the price of the article or articles to be reviewed and the ability to achieve sales of the Instagram, these products may be free ( zero cost in exchange for the review ), have a discount, or must be returned after the test but a monetary compensation will be paid. An example of the latter case would be a review of a car.

In some cases, if the articles to be promoted are of little economic value and the influencer is one of the most requested in their market niche, in addition to keeping the products, they will be paid the agreed rate. In general, Instagram users who have not only a certain number of followers, but also a loyal community, which is the important thing, already have pre-set rates for their publications, and they may or may not be negotiable.

How to make Money on Instagram Easily

You can also negotiate your rates for sponsored posts on Instagram, setting your price on some platforms that connect brands and users of social networks specialized in some topics or negotiating directly if a marketing agency contacts you. Other platforms to monetize social networks set the price according to a formula and do not allow haggling.

Sponsored posts

They look like the reviews but do not require your opinion. Many times, it is not necessary that you have tried whatever it is that you are going to show: a perfume, an app, a drink …

They involve much less work for you and are usually done with many real social media profiles at the same time, in an online visibility campaign.


Many people believe that there is a way to get cheap customers or followers and they are not wrong, that is why it has been done for them. But this style of giving is very poor and deviates from that goal, which means attracting followers who are interested in Buying Instagram Follower UK products, publications, or personal brands.

Organizing sweepstakes on social networks requires work to disseminate it and, later, checking that the winner has met all the requirements because on Instagram there are no specific applications that take care of everything.

Therefore, the logical thing is to charge for the realization of raffles on Instagram, to charge in currency or product, but obtain a profit beyond a few new followers who may not be interested in what we publish in our account.

Direct advertising

All sponsorships can be done by showing a product (course, app, tangible good, or whatever) as is, according to previously established guidelines, or indirect advertising can be done. Both actions are monetizable.

How To Earn Money From INSTAGRAM » Get More Idea

Contextual advertising

To be able to charge for contextual or indirect advertising you need to have some visibility on Instagram and a very active community.

Let’s imagine that you are a micro-influencer in the fashion sector and you show an outfit, sponsored or not. The protagonist can be a dress or pants, but there will be people who ask you about the watch, the makeup, or where you bought that thermos for the coffee. The leading products do not seem, although they generate interest, and the logical thing is that you answer the questions of your followers, all of them, including those that are about what the brand is or where to buy something that should not be the protagonist of the image. Or maybe yes?

Indeed, there is also this type of advertising or sponsorship. Keep in mind that in some countries the law requires you to indicate that a publication is sponsored, although it does not usually require that you indicate the product for which you have been charged for advertising.

Link or links in your bio

In the Instagram bio, you can place a link, or several if you use an app that redirects to a small directory. There are no rules on which URL or URLs to choose, so you can perfectly place an affiliate link there, with a text description of the type “My preferred store” or “I am improving my presence in social networks with this course”.

Promote your company, blog, or YouTube channel

The most common use of the link in the bio is to reserve it to take people where they interest you. To attract visits to the chosen URL on Instagram, you must make posts that are related to the topic in most cases, and cause curiosity. Think that users see your IGTV images, stories, or videos and they should be impacted enough to go to your Instagram profile, to know more about you.

Use emojis and visual resources to encourage a click on that link. Think carefully about your call to action.

Earn money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has already been discussed, whereby you take a percentage of the sales you get (read the conditions and the subject of cookies carefully).

Maybe it had not occurred to you, but you can publish images in which you add your affiliate URLs if possible using a link shortener because they are usually very long. That way of making money with affiliate marketing on Instagram takes a lot of creativity. You can also place those same URLs in your image description, or if someone asks you in the comments so that whoever is interested can copy-paste and visit the site with your affiliate link.

How to Make Money on Instagram – Classi Blogger

Humanize and give visibility to your company or personal brand

The way that large companies use to monetize their Instagram is to show what is not seen, the human part, the backstage, etc. This technique focused on making the public see you as someone close to you is a long-term investment, which can be compatible with the other ways of monetizing IG. Humanizing your profile or personal brand will help you, incidentally, to create a stronger community, increasing your engagement and, as a consequence, the profitability of your Instagram account

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