Why You Should Use ReactJS Development in 2021

What is ReactJS?

It is a JavaScript library built that is maintained by Facebook. According to Jordan Walke (creator of ReactJS), it is a declarative, efficient, and flexible open-source JavaScript library. It helps in building simple, and scalable frontends of web apps. Before going to hire a ReactJS developer, you need to know the reason to use React.

Why use React?

Now, you must be thinking about why you should use React.js. In recent times, the uses of JavaScript have increased. It is used by maximum developers because it has a fast learning curve, clean abstraction, Reusable components, and much more.

With this, let’s check what are the advantages of ReactJS for Front-end development.

Why ReactJS for development needs?

It is an open-source JavaScript library that helps businesses to create intuitive, interactive, and engaging mobile and web and apps. ReactJS offers a quick and interactive UI for mobile apps and websites. It provides the developers the capability to create dynamic and efficient web and mobile apps for their businesses.

It offers high-performance ReactJS apps with less coding. Furthermore, ReactJS is quite popular for providing user-friendly and attractive solutions.

10 Reasons why to use ReactJS development in 2021

  1. Easy to Learn

React is much easier to learn as compared to Angular &Vue. It’s one of the main causes of its popularity. React helps businesses quickly to build their projects. We as human beings, often avoid things that are not easy to learn. But for them since React is a simple framework.

  • Build rich user interfaces

In case the user interface is poorly designed, then it decreases the chances of an application succeeding.

But, if an app has high-quality UI, then there are better possibilities that your users will love to use the app. Thus, building rich user interfaces is mandatory for an application to survive and thrive.

  • Custom components

React comes with JSX that makes it possible to write your own components. These components generally accept HTML quoting and also successfully make all subcomponent rendering.

  • Quick rendering

At the time of building a complex, high-load app, it becomes necessary to define the structure of the app. In easier words, the DOM model is tree-structured.

  • SEO-friendly

Indeed, for any online business, search engine optimization is the main key to success. This can be possible by the fast rendering of React. It decreases the page load time.

  • Code reusability

React produces an Android web app and helps in promoting code reusability. This particular feature is helpful for web app development.

  • Testing and functionality

The developers can use the ReactJS library to scan modules. These are quite easy to test. It can be used as the modern state’s function.

Key benefits of ReactJS for front-end development

  1. Flexibility

If we compare it to other frontend frameworks, then the React code is much simpler to maintain and is quite flexible. It is because of its modular structure.

  • Speed

It permits the developers to use individual parts of their app on the server-side as well as client-side. Apart from this, it assists in boosting the speed of the development process.

  • Performance

The JavaScript library is designed to provide high performance. The core of the framework gives a virtual DOM program and server-side rendering. It makes complicated apps run quite fast.

  • Mobile app development

In case you thought React is for only web development, you couldn’t be more wrong. Facebook has already upgraded the framework to develop mobile native applications for iOS platforms and Android.

  • Usability

It’s easy to deploy React to fulfill in case you have some basic understanding of JavaScript. Moreover, an expert JavaScript developer can easily learn all ins and outs of the React framework in a few days.

Now, let’s move forward and check out the top reasons to select React JS for the next project.

Things to check when you are going to ReactJS Development services.

Skills of ReactJS Developers

  1. Teamwork

If you are going to hire a React developer, then you need to demonstrate that they can collaborate well with you in the company.

  • Problem-solving skills

It’s the duty of a developer to resolve issues and manage projects on a daily basis.

  • Creativity

For a developer creating web page structures, updating web design, keeping things mobile-responsive is the primary thing.

  • Handle criticisms

Most importantly, effective developers should have the capability to learn from their mistakes and be good enough to take criticisms.

How to find a React Developer

  1. Word of Mouth-Colleagues and friends are a good source of referral. You can reach out to those people.
  2. Online Job Platforms- You can use the sites like GitHub Jobs, Toptal, Freelancer, We Work Remotely, Stack Overflow, and Glassdoor.
  3. Social Media- Hiring specialists are active on LinkedIn so to look for possible candidates you can build connections between professionals.
  4. Traditional Media- You can post your job ad in local newspapers or you have an option to send out flyers. 


We hope that you have got a clear idea about why there is so much of a demand for React developers and for React as a framework. If you are thinking to hire a ReactJS developer, Artoon Solutions is the perfect destination. Artoon Solutions is the one-stop destination for web developers, designers. We are happy to tell you that we have 12+ years of experience in the industry. Our company is trustworthy to hire a Dedicated ReactJS Developer.

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The main purpose of React is to be fast, scalable, and simple. React permits developers to create big web apps that can modify data, without reloading the page.

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