Difference between PGDM and MBA

PGDM course is operated by institutions holding entire responsibility of picking students, designing course curriculum, training them, Assessing them and finally Putting them.

While an MBA, the course is devised by universities and taught by its affiliating schools. Here is the difference! Pupils start learning an MBA course like MA in history and with the focus of passing this app. Additionally, the universities don’t alter their syllabus for decades. MBA students during Job interviews find it hard to answer the queries as the interviewers normally request questions on the newest trends. While the PGDM being a single-window app makes the student better skilled and upgraded with the latest market trends.

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MBA is much more theoretical although PGDM is much more practical. Additionally, this gives an advantage to PGDM students while confronting job interviews.

I have become a professor and positioning Chair at one of those dominant B-School. We continue having pool campus drives in faculty both for PGDM and MBA students of different colleges and universities. In fact, I found roughly 30% of MBA students become chosen for exactly the same job where 70% of PGDM pupils were obtained in.

PGDM is provided by app 500 Business Schools while MBA from 5500 Universities and schools. The minimum supply of PGDM produces more needs for them.

PGDM is mostly offered by Stand-alone institutions, which means they provide only 1 program, so they’re concentrated while MBA is offered by Universities and colleges offering 10s of different courses also, dispersing the attention among so many courses.

A student if wishes can go ahead to get a PhD, or any other route either with PGDM or MBA.

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Highest paying jobs following PGDM?

PGDM salaries are influenced by various factors such as job role, city of job, experience, the type of business etc.. Some of those highest-paying tasks for PGDM Faculties are:

  • Investment Banker -The salaries for investment bankers are extremely different with different firms, but an ordinary salary originally may range between 8 to 10 lakhs annually that can also reach around 50-80 lakhs following few years of expertise.
  • Project Manager-Job supervisors’ compensations may be approximately 20 lakh per annum depending upon the city and also the company of this job.
  • Management Consulting-The wages depend on many different factors, nevertheless, management consultants could have the ability to make between 20-30 lakhs annually.
  • Business Development Manager – Their normal pay ranges at around 15 lakhs p.a. But working with top firms may stretch this amount beyond.
  • Marketing Manager -Some of the best-paid workers are out of the Marketing departments. The typical salary of marketing managers can be somewhere near 12 lakhs using a performance bonus deducted from this figure.
  • Sales Manager -Considering that they generate earnings, the initial salaries stand at a mean salary of 8 lakhs annually.

PDGM is a remarkably rewarding career option for those who have perseverance and learning enthusiasm. Individuals with PGDM work to lead others and therefore are at the apex of understanding in their respective fields. They get high wages slabs which generally range above 50 lakhs p.a. after some years of experience.


Now that the important comparison and distinction between PGDM and MBA have been discussed above, it’s time to analyze which one of both stands more applicable and advantageous in modern scenarios.

  • PGDM courses follow an industry-oriented program with a more practical strategy while MBA is much more theoretical in strategy.
  • PGDM courses have given preference over MBA by various employers within India and abroad, because of the practical insight PGDM lessons provide. The classrooms are strict and lessons from top business leaders and direction internships are a common feature that readies students for your company surroundings beforehand.
  • Institutes using PGDM, being self-driven, work more challenging than universities that offer MBA degrees, to place their students across different companies.
  • There are larger job opportunities for PGDM students due to additional and updated abilities.
  • The autonomous colleges have a cutting-edge syllabus that is updated with instances however, the universities are not allowed to alter the syllabus more frequently. The planet is more transformative than ever today, or so the syllabus publications and textbooks will need to change frequently.

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