Top 7 Features to Evaluate While Watching athenahealth EHR Demo

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EHR software is intended to facilitate clinical practice. The software is typically a collection of robust features that aid in maintaining a record of the patient visit. In addition, you can integrate other services, such as a patient portal, a billing system, and even a practice management solution with the EHR.

athenahealth EHR is a well-known software that comprises various modules that address clinical, administrative, and billing functions. Athena is offered in a range of healthcare settings as cloud-based or local software. For small clinics, the software is quite affordable. Keep an eye out for this article, as it includes a concise overview of all of the critical features that you can examine during the athenahealth EHR demo.

athenahealth EHR Demo 

You can get a free demo of athenahealth EHR software by contacting the vendor.  The vendor will reach out to you to confirm the date and time of the demo. According to athenahealth reviews, watching a demo before buying the subscription has an impact on your final decision. Therefore, users prefer the demo because it allows you to study the product thoroughly.

Top 7 Features of athenahealth EHR Software 

Patient Charting Feature

It is critical to keep accurate documentation to protect your patients. Proper documentation increases patient safety and care quality. In addition, complete and accurate medical documentation can ensure that your patients receive quality care at the appropriate time.

With athenahealth EHR software, you don’t have to worry about anything as the software helps you with patient documentation. Using the robust software, you can gather all necessary data on a particular patient. The athenahealth EHR demo fully describes the patient charting capabilities.


athenahealth users laud its interoperability feature that allows diverse information technology systems to connect and exchange valuable data. This feature gives you access to all data for a patient who is being treated. In addition, interoperability guarantees that patient data is accurately exchanged among providers and organizations, boosting efficiency and improving communication between referring physicians and specialists. The athenahealth EHR demo shows you how interoperability may benefit your clinic.

Patient Portal 

athenahealth also offers the athenacommunicator module, which allows patients to contact you via email or other cloud-based applications. You can also set up emergency call services to speak with patients who require urgent assistance.

Furthermore, because appointments with the portal are convenient for both patients and doctors, no-shows are reduced. Again, when consulting with you, patients may access messages, reminders, and other information through the portal. They can also use mobile devices to see lab results and request prescription refills. During the athenahealth EHR demo, you will be able to explore the patient portal’s extensive options.

Electronic Prescription Tool

athenahealth EHR also includes an e-prescription tool that allows you to create and transmit prescriptions with a few mouse clicks. You may mail prescriptions to your patients’ preferred pharmacies using this helpful service, and they can pick them up whenever it is suitable for them.

According to athenahealth reviews, electronic prescription functionality is beneficial to your clinic since it saves you time, allowing you to provide superior care to your patients. Because everything is electronic, the e-Prescription process reduces the possibility of human error as well. You can explore the other capabilities during the athenahealth EHR demo.

Claims Management

Instead of managing reimbursements, the athenahealth team keeps track of the status of existing claim-filing criteria. Then, it updates them with new information about your practice to reduce the chances of your claims being denied. In addition, Athena’s professionals monitor changes in the frameworks of government programs to ensure that your claims are processed correctly.

athenahealth EHR Mobile App 

athenahealth EHR enables health care providers to view and exchange patient data while on the go and in real-time, directly from their mobile devices. With configurable clinical templates and documents, the athenahealth EHR mobile app provides you with a valuable tool for improving patient care coordination.

The athenahealth EHR mobile app connects to the server and allows you to view patient data from your device. According to athenahealth reviews, the app is helpful because it will enable you to do your responsibilities wherever and whenever you like.


Telehealth connects patients to critical health care services via videoconferencing and wireless communications. Currently, 76 per cent of U.S. hospitals employ video and other technologies to communicate with patients and consulting practitioners from a distance.

The telehealth technology, linked to the athenahealth EHR software, has made the experience easier for healthcare practitioners and their patients. The feature is straightforward to use and allows you to provide care online. You can also treat your patients online using the athenahealth HIPPA-compliant video call service.

Telehealth, according to users, is beneficial since it reduces the transmission of disease while allowing you to practice medicine efficiently. You can analyze this functionality in real-time during the athenahealth EHR demo.

athenahealth Pricing

Athena is an affordable and cost-effective EMR solution for medical practices of all sizes. The athenahealth pricing is inexpensive, especially for small clinics. A monthly subscription to athenahealth EHR software costs $140 per provider, with no additional charges.

athenahealth Reviews  

Reading athenahealth reviews can teach you more about the product, including its advantages and disadvantages. However, for your convenience, a comprehensive evaluation of the most common pros and cons of athenahealth EHR Software is provided below.


  • The rapid online record-keeping of athenahealth EHR avoids the time-consuming task of organizing documents.
  • athena is a Meaningful Use certified organization that follows the Meaningful Use principles.


  • Some reviews have expressed dissatisfaction with the athena billing EMR systems, owing to a small crew’s inability to keep up with the system’s workload.

Our Two Bits

If you are unsure whether Athena electronic medical records are worth an investment or not, we recommend scheduling an Athena EHR demo to explore the software in detail. Furthermore, Athena EHR reviews can also assist you in making an informed decision for your practice.

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