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Vancouver Pest Control for Wasps and Signs of Infestation

Some of the most common pests in Vancouver include bedbugs, mice, cockroaches, wasps, and ants. Among these pests, wasps are social insects. Nevertheless, wasps are pests, and the presence of their nests on a property is not a good sign. Wasps provide some benefits to the local ecosystem, yet wasps are not easy to deal with. If you make one wasp angry, you will disturb its whole colony. As a result, wasps will sting you multiple times and likely send you to the hospital. Hence, Vancouver pest control from wasp exterminators becomes a need for homeowners to protect their families, pets, and domestic animals.

Signs of a Wasp Infestation:-

Several signs can tell you if wasps have infested your home in Vancouver. You should contact a pest control company for wasps’ nest removal to exterminate wasps if you notice such signs. Here are those signs that will tell you about a wasp infestation:

1. Chewed Wood and Trees: Wasps form their nests via bark from trees in order to chew it into a pliable material. You may notice the apparent holes in trees nearby your property or on wood. These holes are an indication that wasps are active on your property, working on building a nest for the queen. Nevertheless, termites can also cause damage to wood. Therefore, you should consult with a professional wasp exterminator to unveil the possible pest infestation. Professional exterminators study different pests and know the right method to deal with pests effectively. Hence, counting on professionals also ensures fast pest extermination from professionals via an appropriate method.

2. Flying Wasps: Wasps team around their nests all through the day. Thus, you can probably see them flying around your home or garden. If you see flying wasps around your home or garden, it means wasps nest is close by. Wasps also seem similar to yellow jackets and hornets. Nonetheless, you can identify wasps via the following signs:

· Wasps’ legs hang freely when they fly

· Wasps’ bodies are thinner and segmented, in contrast to hornets & yellow jackets.

· Wasps are less aggressive, as compared to hornets 

If you notice these signs, it means that wasps are likely hovering around your home. Considering professionals in Vancouver for pest control is what you must do to remove the wasp nest from your property. Otherwise, you will only risk the lives of your family, pets, and domestic animals alongside you.

3. Wasp Nest: Wasps may not seem as aggressive as hornets, yet they will sting you if you threaten their nest or queen. Wasps don’t drop their stingers when attacking anyone. Thus, you can expect multiple stings from a wasp if you come close to a wasp nest. Wasps make their paper nests in a traditional honeycomb shape. Therefore, you can unearth a wasp infestation if you see a wasps’ nest on your property. It is important to contact pest control professionals for wasp nest removal. If you don’t take a wasp infestation seriously, you will increase life-threatening risks for yourself and the people in your surroundings. 

Why Shouldn’t You Get Rid of Wasps Nest Yourself?

If you come close to an active wasp nest to destroy it, wasps will attack you more aggressively. Additionally, people with allergies have suffered deaths in the past from wasp stings, and you can, also. Professionals don’t recommend homeowners to take the risk of destroying wasps’ nests themselves. Besides, you can make the problem even worse if you try getting rid of a wasp nest yourself. Professional exterminators know the safest and the most effective ways to deal with wasps. Thus, counting on professionals should always remain your priority in Vancouver for wasps’ nest removal.    


Some of the most common pests in Vancouver include mice, rats, wasps, bedbugs, and cockroaches. Among these pests, wasps are not easy to deal with on your own. Wasps can sting multiple times without losing their stingers when they become angry. Wasps show such aggression when you come close to their nests. There are several signs of a wasp infestation that will tell you if wasps have infested your home. Those signs include the following:

1. Apparent holes in wood or trees around your property

2. Flying wasps around your home or garden. 

3. A wasp nest, that is, a clear indication.

If you notice any of these signs on your property, it means that wasps have infested your property. Lastly, contacting professionals in Vancouver for pest control is the right thing to do for wasps’ nest removal from your property. 

You can feel free to contact Pesticon Canada ( to get rid of the pests from your property in Vancouver, a pest control company that is an expert at pest control, including rodents, bed bugs, roaches, ants, mosquitoes, wasps, termites, and more alongside animal control in Vancouver.

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