What has been going on with Taylin Gaulden

Taylin Gaulden’s life story

Taylin Gaulden, the third son of NBA YoungBoy, an American rapper and entertainer, and his mom Niya, was born on Walk 19, 2017. Taylor was born in the state of Louisiana in the US of America. Nonetheless, because he is just four years old, little is had some significant awareness of his schooling.

As a result, Taylin Gaulden is right now living with his parents and accepting their adoration. There is no data concerning the couple’s first gathering.

They didn’t have a dedicated, long-haul relationship. Their one-night stand resulted in a kid. His parents are in contact solely for his advantage of him. Kayden Gaulden and Kamron Gaulden are two of his four siblings from his father’s exes. This is something we’ll discuss later in this essay.

  • Taylin Gaulden profile summary
  • Complete Name: Taylin Gaulden
  • First Name: Taylin
  • Last Name: Gaulden
  • Profession: Big name Youngster
  • Ethnicity: American
  • Origin: Louisiana, US
  • Father’s Name: YoungBoy At absolutely no point ever Broke In the future
  • Father’s Profession: rapper, singer, and songwriter
  • Mother’s Name: Nia
  • Orientation: Male
  • Date of Birth: Walk 19, 2017
  • Age: 4 years
  • Taylin Gaulden family

DNA test before birth

Following a one-night stand, Nia became pregnant. What’s more, when she enlightened NBA YoungBoy concerning her pregnancy, he didn’t think he was his natural kid. As a result, he insisted on a DNA test for Nia, the child’s mom. It was demonstrated that he was his son after the DNA test, and she was not lying.

He, at last, confessed why he played out the test and why he didn’t trust reality. He said that his child’s mother took part in an extramarital entanglement with his sibling and was untrustworthy. He felt a little unsure about his relationship with Nia, and he had made a move to dispel those doubts. This photograph of his father and youngster was acquired from his father’s Instagram account. He is currently much infatuated with his son.

Because YoungBoy has custody of Taylin, he spends a ton of time with him. He and his siblings generally live in his father YoungBoy’s rich mansion and carry on with a lavish lifestyle. YoungBoy, as well, enjoys spending time with his youngsters because it is a piece of his day-to-day daily practice.

About his father

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, also known as YoungBoy At no point ever Broke In the future, was born on October 20, 1999, in Cudgel Rouge, Louisiana, US. His YouTube channel at present has 8.69 million subscribers. Sherhonda Gaulden is his mom’s name, and his father’s name isn’t listed on any of his wiki sites.

His father is right now serving a 55-year prison sentence. He was raised by his maternal grandparents. He exited secondary school to pursue his music profession, yet he was arrested for theft and held in a remedial camp in Tallulah, Louisiana. YoungBoy started composing lyrics for his introduction collection when he was there.

Somewhere in the range between 2015 and 2017, NBA YoungBoy successfully released up to eight free mixtapes, acquiring a major following as a result of his music. In 2017, YoungBoy signed with Atlantic Records, which released two more mixtapes. Outside Today, his first single appeared at number 31 on the Board Hot 100 list in January 2018.

The song was the lead single from his presentation studio collection, Til’ the very end Call out to Me, which was released in 2018. It arrived at number 7 on the US Announcement 200. Slime Conviction, Significant Torment, and Genie are some of his different singles.

Simulated intelligence YoungBoy 2 is YoungBoy At no point ever Broke In the future’s most successful diagram project (2019) It appeared at number one on the Board 200 and stayed there for some time. Self Control, Slime Mindset, and Have neither rhyme nor reason we’re among the collection’s singles.

On the song Desperado, YoungBoy teamed up with the late rapper Juice Wrld. The song proceeded to become one of his main ten hits. YoungBoy’s sixteenth mixtape, 38 Child 2, was released in April 2020 and appeared at number one on the Announcement 200.

YoungBoy’s second studio collection, Top, was released in 2020, and it turned into his third collection to beat out everyone else in under a year.

He is the father of five kids, every one of them was born to him by five separate ladies.

He is not hitched, yet he does have a sweetheart. His affection life is a tangled mess. He has previously dated various stunning ladies. His list of girlfriends is extensive. He is not in a serious relationship with any of the girls he is dating.

On June 26, 2018, Taylin Gaulden and his mom, Niya, were unfortunately killed in a fender bender. NBA YoungBoy was steering the ship when his Lamborghini lost control and slammed into a tree off the street. The car overturned, yet the three were lucky to have escaped with minor injuries.

Taylor’s father has three previous connections besides his organic mother, Niya (Trinia “Nia”). YoungBoy is said to have had a one-night stand with Niya, yet he had long-haul relationships with the rest of his girlfriends.


YoungBoy, Tay’s father, dated Nisha when he was just 15 years old. He invited Kayden Gaulden into his life as a result of his adoration for her.

Starr Dejanee

Starr and YoungBoy had a drawn-out association. Kamron and Kamiri, two or three’s two youngsters, were born together. Starr, then again, is a business person with a sizable Instagram following.

Jania Bania

Jania and YoungBoy started dating in 2018 and invited their son Kacey in 2019, just months after she cut off her friendship with him. With regards to Jania’s work life, she is a social media powerhouse with an enormous following on Instagram.

Serious fender bender

On June 26, 2018, he was engaged in a serious vehicle mishap. In the vehicle mishap, he and his mom, Nia, were both fundamentally stung. They were taken to the hospital and were battling for their life. They were safe from the mishap. After the mishap, he sent a video to his fan Instagram page from his hospital room. Their well-being worked on over the long run, and they were released from the hospital. He is presently solid and content with his life. The mother-son combo should be visible here loosening up on the ocean front.

A beautiful second with siblings

From his fatherly side, he has four half-siblings: three brothers and a sister. Kayden Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Kacey Alexander Gaulden are their names. The kids have numerous opportunities to interface with one another. They are much of the time seen along with their father. In this shot, four of his kids are wearing an indistinguishable white shirt, while his father is wearing a dark hoodie. His youngest sibling is being conveyed by his father.

Kayden Gaulden

Taylin’s eldest sibling is Kayden. On July 4, 2016, he was born. Kayden was imagined from Taylin’s relationship with ex-accomplice Nisha, despite the way that they share a father. Kayden was born while YoungBoy was just 16 years old.

Kamron Gaulden

Kamron was born on July 19, 2016, however, he is not YoungBoy’s organic kid, despite what numerous tabloids guarantee. In 2018, the rapper uncovered that he had embraced Kamron and that he treats him as in the event that he was his own youngster.

Kamiri Gaulden

YoungBoy’s youngster with his sweetheart, musician Starr Dejanee, is Kamiri Gaulden, also known as K3. On July 6, 2017, he was born. Malignant growth is his Zodiac sign.

Kacey Alexander Gaulden

Kacey, YoungBoy’s youngest youngster, was born on February 13, 2019, to Jania Bania. He is still a child despite everything residing with his mom. Aquarius is his zodiac sign.

Taylin Gaulden’s total assets

Taylin currently lacks a professional occupation or some other notable business, however, his estimated total assets are $300,000, thanks to his father’s developing riches in the diversion sector all throughout his dynamic vocation.

His father, NBA YoungBoy, is estimated to have total assets of more than $10 million, which he has collected through record sales, shows, concerts, and YouTube earnings, among different ventures. Taylor still has quite far to go before he can start his own business and bring in cash, yet it appears like he has all that he requires so far. He is one of YouTube’s most notable musicians. Musical tours, collection sales, and his YouTube channel all add to his income. Until now, he has released two studio albums.

Taylin Gaulden’s social media

Despite the way that Taylin Gaulden does not have a personal social media account. Taylor’s most personal facts, then again, have been kept secret by his father and are seldom seen or heard in broad daylight.

Taylin Gaulden has been a superstar since he was a baby, and there is a strong social desire to look further into him.

Facts about Taylin

•             Just before Taylin Gaulden’s first birthday celebration, his father was liberated from prison. He was a lucky youngster. On his first birthday celebration, he was ready to spend time with his father. He spent most of his time in prison.

•             Taylin Gaulden is a Louisiana local.

•             Pisces is his zodiac sign.

•             He is the son of an NBA Youngboy, a rapper.

•             Kamiri Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Kayden Gaulden, and Kacey Alexander Gaulden are his father’s different sons, and Armani is his little girl.

F.A.Q. about Taylin Gaulden

When is his birthday?

Taylin Gaulden’s birthday is on Walk 19, 2017.

How long is his birthday?

Taylin Gaulden’s birthday is in 254 days.

How old is he?

He is 4 years old.

Where is Taylin Gaulden from?

He was born in Louisiana, US

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