The Common Problems That an Electric Oven Creates and Their Solutions

Every one of us uses an electric oven at home so we try to buy the best quality that will serve us for ages. Obviously, we do take care of it but still, things can go wrong. Though no company says that no oven will last forever, still we need to take care of these appliances. For electric cooker installation, always call for someone who knows the procedure well and will do the work properly. Sometimes some parts reach the end of their life and they become too old to do any kind of repairing work on it.

Broil elements, broken wire bake, or wrong amount of power inflow to the unit are the common problems happening with our electrical oven. Apart from these, there are many problems that we are not aware of. Here is list of problem and solutions that you can try on our own at home and they are: –

  • The oven will not switch on: if you switch on the appliance in the normal way and see it is not working then kindly go and check the main connection. There can be a fault and this is not unusual. If you have finished seeing whether the switch is on or not then check the fuse. Sometimes the fuse can blow, fuses present both in plug and machine can blow away for many reasons and you can find out the reason. If you can then change the fuse, still if you see it is not working then call for a professional electrician to check the appliance. Suppose you find that the fuse is working well then check the heating elements. These do not last for long so often they need replacing. Some other potential causes for your oven not to work properly are the sensors or the switches. If these are creating problems then you should call an expert.
  • The oven is not heating: many times, it can happen that you switch on the power and the oven is not heating. This could happen due to several reasons; be sure this is not due to the main connection or the fuse box. This could be due to the temperature sensor malfunction or fault with the wirings. The wiring could become loose or faulty. For these problems you need to call a professional electrician, only he can check all its parts and replace them.
  • Oven keeps cutting out: this problem is linked with the faulty thermostat most of the time. This is a device that monitors the temperature inside the electrical oven. It seems that the oven does not get too hot and it asks the appliance to shut down on itself. A faulty thermostat gives an incorrect reading so this is the time one needs to replace it. Depending on how old the oven is one can try to repair it up to a certain extent. There are high chances that the element is damaged and the brain of the oven cannot recognise it. Sometimes other components of an electric oven may break or fail so one cannot find it out if he is not a professional technician.
  • The door is not closing: though this problem looks simple, it is not because this gives rise to expenditure. A faulty door latch can be the problem as well or the screws being loose. You as a layman can find out the problem but you cannot fix it. Perhaps replacing it is the best option hence let the expert do this part of the work.
  • Lots of noise: if you find out that your electric oven is making noise more than necessary the first thing you should do is switch off the appliance. Its fan can break or wear out. Fan plays the most important role in an electric oven because it circulates warm air throughout. Electric motors power the fan and so it does not last for a lifetime. It may stop working due to maximum efficiency. Repairing a fan of the oven is expensive so try to call a professional to do this for you. Only an expert will understand whether a fan needs repairing or replacing. Often it happens that the fan is not working and it is not making any noise as well so at this time let the expert find out the problem.
  • Further possible faults: actually, there are not a lot of things that can go wrong instead of the two elements. It is easy to find this problem because the lights will not show up on the display. One problem that can occur is the electrical oven trips out the electrical system of the house. If this happens then there is an indication that will tell you that the system or the appliance is at fault.
  • Self-cleaning: most of the ovens that we get in London these days are self-cleaning. An issue can occur that is preventing this appliance from doing so. For this first, you need to be sure whether the door is being locked properly or not. If this does not happen then the oven cannot function. if you find that this is not an issue then there could be a different problem. It could be a temperature control thermostat, oven’s control board, thermal fuse, or wiring. One needs to have special skills and equipment to test and repair these components. So, it is advisable to leave the job to a professional electrician.

Most of the time when an electrician visits the client’s place to repair the oven, he finds out that the installation work did not happen properly or the client does not know how to maintain it. though a manual is provided by the company during the time of purchase hardly people read it or follow it. For electric cooker installation services in London visit the Electric Work London. They are the best at present we have in town. From installation to repairs they can do everything within no time. The electricians working here have good knowledge about this field.

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