Depression, one of the emerging men’s problems

Well, men’s health is always a concern globally. Doctors and experts in the medical field say that men are more prone to serious health problems than women. But why is it so? Historically it’s the women who were oppressed right from the Victorian age and even before that. But today the irony is men are more vulnerable to mental disorders like depression and anxiety. Obesity, hypertension, blood pressure, and ED disorders are some areas where men are today more in number. But you can treat ED disorder using Vidalista 20 mg FDA-approved pills.

The reason lies in the attitude and perception of life one has. And today’s situation the pandemic has burdened men’s health even more. In this article, we shall discuss the reasons which made depression a nightmare for men.

Patriarchy and Ego

Despite years of globalization and modernization most countries are developed but still, patriarchy prevails. It isn’t always such a bad term as it is portrayed but exists even today. Men head the family and take care of the needs and desires of the family members. In most situations, the man is the sole earning member of the family. He has to pay bills, education expenses, vacation expenses, eating and outing costs, almost everything.

Since childhood, it is inbuilt in a boy that when he grows up, he has to take care of the family. This builds a kind of society where the whole responsibility is kept to men. Most of them like it, but many do not but they still have to. A kind of burden thrust open to men by the family and society.

The result was visible during the COVID pandemic when the nationwide lockdown was imposed. Those who had EMIs for their cars, homes, or loans suffered the most due to financial crutch. Men being the only earning member of the whole family felt the most intense pressure.

There were cases of suicides of men who became unemployed and couldn’t pay back EMI to banks. Had the patriarchy been not an issue women too would have earned and if anyone’s job was gone, one would have taken care of the family. But this is way too mature for our society. Because the ego of men comes to this place, they feel a man is not a man if he is unable to fulfill the needs of the family on his own. This is why they do not allow their woman to work outside.

The same was the case with farmer suicide in India. When research was conducted, the wives of the dead farmers revealed that many suicides could have been prevented, if they would have been allowed to work. But they were refused by their husbands and many times assaulted as well while making too many requests. Hence, ultimately when debts became too much to handle, they thought of ending their life. This was the story of many such farmers and men of all professions.

Women are more advanced in the case of ego. They are more diplomatic and know how to take advantage of the situation. They do not let ego come between success and productivity. Take the example of Nordic countries where women are the head of the countries. No war, no terrorism, and exceptional ranking in the happiness index. This year the happiest country was Finland, its prime minister and most of the cabinet ministers are female.

Lack of adjusting capability

It was observed that men are less likely to adapt to new changes which often gives them tension. In our life, sometimes due to choice or sometimes due to work and studies, we need to shift to other places. Hence, finding a common chord with the new place as fast as possible is very important. Women are found to be easygoing in a new place. In terms of food habits too, men do not like healthy and nutritious food. Unless the doctor pressurizes them to do so, they do not. While women on the other hand take great care of their health.If their weight increases by a few kilos, they turn on to gym, and aerobics and start eating healthy.

While men have less control over emotions. They may be suffering from diabetes but still, they need sweets and confectionaries. The largest consumers of green tea and other health supplements around the world are females.


If men really want a change from their present situation, they first need to acknowledge the fact that there is a problem. Their ego and masculinity always result in unfortunate events. Instead of eating pills for depression though processes and lifestyle need to be corrected. Healthy and nutritious foods must be given top priority.

Yoga and meditation should be a regular practice for at least 30 minutes daily. It has the potential to transform you from within. Depression is not a virus from the outside but it is the result of a disturbed mental state within us. So, instead of looking for solutions like Fildena 100, Vidalista 20, or Cenforce 100, from Powpills self-introspection is the key.

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