Coinbase Wallet Review 2022: Meaning, Features, Benefits, And Drawbacks

Do you want to know about cryptocurrency wallets? If yes, read the article on the coinbase wallet Review in which we tell you about the coinbase wallet’s meaning, benefits, drawbacks, and features. Let us move towards the coinbase wallet.

Coinbase wallet is one of the reliable wallets that offer integration with the official website. It is also popularly known as the self-custody wallet that crypto investors use to store their funds.

Further, we will tell you all the important things about the coinbase wallet review.

What do you mean by the coinbase wallet?

Coinbase wallet is the rebranded by the coinbase team 2018. It is considered the first wallet to launch the crypto collections. The main goal of the coinbase team is to simplify managing crypto and access the decentralized web.

The self-custody wallet has the main objective of giving complete control to the investors for their cryptocurrency. It is one of the great places where you can safely store your crypto collections.

The self-custody wallet does not depend on a third party to keep the crypto collections safe. The investors themselves handle all the control. That’s why this Is called the self-custody wallet.

Features: coinbase wallet Review

  • High compliance

Coinbase wallet offers users many features and gives them the extra mile to keep their crypto-asset here. Coinbase wallet is considered the high compliant and implemented through the KYC rules.

  • Digital assets

One of the top features is that it permits the storage of the digital collection under the blockchain of the NFT Marketplace

  • Compatible

It is a highly beneficial tool due to its working under the coinbase. As a coinbase customer, you can easily link the coinbase account to your wallet.

  • Decentralized exchange support

By using the coinbase wallet, you easily access the decentralized exchange integration. It will permit you to easily trade with the available token in your wallet.

  • Clear interface design

Along with the features, the coinbase wallet is simple to use with a streamlined interface, which means that this wallet is also suitable for beginners. It permits the ability to send and receive the crypto for the crypto username.

Pros of Coinbase wallet

 If you want to know more about the coinbase wallet, then Read here the facts.

  • Easy to use
  • Control and give support to the more than the 100 crypto assets
  • Access to the various blockchains of decentralized applications
  • Top-notch security
  • Well funded to stolen assets
  • Advanced abilities to offer the access to digital financial instruments
  • Easy to swap the assets between the coinbase exchange and coinbase wallet

Cons of the coinbase wallet

  • Code is not the source of the open assets
  • Lack of the customer support system


In this article, we tell you about the coinbase wallet along with the features, pros, and cons. Hope you understand the given information. If you are facing any doubts, then drop your doubts in the comments section.

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