Who is Cody Alan Williams

Cody Alan Williams is a blogger, who writes about topics such as technology, science, and spirituality. He shares his thoughts on life as he sees it from the perspective of someone who has been through some tough times.

Cody’s Introduction

Cody Williams is a 16-year-old high school student from Huber Heights, Ohio, who has been battling cancer for the past three years. Throughout this time he has continued to have a positive attitude and has inspired others with his story. Cody’s blog is a compilation of his thoughts, feelings and experiences during his battle with cancer.

Cody Alan Williams Childhood

Cody Alan Williams’s Childhood was full of love and happiness. He was born on February 2, 1990, in Baytown, Texas to his parents, Debra (Hunt) and Alan Williams. Cody enjoyed spending time with his family, going fishing, camping, and playing video games. As a child, Cody loved to sing and dance. He also had a special bond with his dog, Buddy.

Cody attended Baytown High School where he was an all-around athlete. He played football and basketball as well as FastTrack and Field. After high school, he attended Stephen F. Austin State University where he played Football for the Lumberjacks. While attending Stephen F. Austin State University, Cody met his future wife Kaitlyn (Bartlett) whom he married in 2013. They have two children together; a daughter named Addison (born 2017) and a son named Caden (born 2020).

Cody currently resides in Houston, Texas where he is an insurance claims adjuster for The Hartford Company. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.


Cody Alan Williams is an American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Cody Rhodes. He is signed to WWE, where he performs on the Raw brand. He made his first televised appearance on the June 5, 2002 episode of Raw.


Cody Williams is making a name for himself as a talented artist. Williams started off painting still lifes and landscapes but has since branched out into other mediums. His work has been exhibited at galleries all over the country and he has even been featured in magazines such as “Art of the West” and “ARTnews.”

Williams is also an accomplished musician. He plays several instruments, including the guitar, mandolin, and banjo. He has released two albums and has performed at various festivals and venues around the country. In addition to his art and music careers, Williams is also a writer. His essays have been published in various magazines and newspapers, and he is currently working on a book about his life as an artist.

In short, Cody Alan Williams is an accomplished artist with many talents. He has won awards for his work and has been featured in magazines and newspapers all over the country. He is also a talented musician who has released two albums. Cody Alan Williams is an intriguing artist who deserves your attention!

Cody Alan Williams Today

Cody Alan Williams is a 23-year-old artist and musician from Houston, Texas. Cody started playing the guitar at the age of six and soon began writing his own songs. In 2007, he released his first album, “The Truth.” The album was well-received by music critics and gained Cody a following in the country music industry. In 2012, Cody released his second album, “The Reckoning.”

The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and produced two top ten singles: “She’s My Kind of Girl” and “I’m Not the One.” In 2015, Cody released his third album, “The Far Side of the Moon.” The album debuted at No. 1 on the Top Country Albums chart and produced five top ten singles: “Lonely Tonight,” “Take Me Away,” “The Far Side of the Moon,” “What Would You Do for Love?” and “I Believe in You.” Cody has sold over one million albums worldwide.

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