What Is The Discord Pridefall?

The discord pridefall is the annual holiday celebrating the release of the video game Overwatch. This holiday is celebrated both by people who play Overwatch and those who don’t, but they all have one thing in common: they all enjoy eating lots of sweet treats. For those who are wondering what it’s like to experience this annual event, let me tell you!

What is the Discord Pridefall?

Discord is celebrating Pride this year with a Fall Festival! Here’s what you need to know:

-The Fall Festival runs from September 24th to October 8th.

-There are multiple events happening during the festival, including a costume contest, trivia night, and more!

-To participate in the contests and events, you’ll need to be signed into Discord.

-Discord is a free app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

Who Created The Discord Pridefall?

Discord Pridefall was created by the team at Discord. We wanted to offer a fun and inclusive experience for everyone, and we know that pride is an important part of LGBTQ+ culture. We’re proud to be supporting the community and celebrating diversity!

How Many People Participate In The Discord Prideful?

Discord Pridefall is a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community that takes place every year on Discord. This year, the event took place on September 24th. In order to participate in the Prideful, you had to sign up on Discord and link your Discord account with your Facebook account. Once you had done this, you were able to join the events that were going on during the Prideful.

According to the Discord website, there were over 1 million people participating in the Prideful this year. This number is impressive considering that it was only a month-long event! The majority of participants were from North America, but there were also participants from Europe, Australia, and more.

Overall, it was an amazing celebration of the LGBTQ+ community!

Why Do People Take Part In The Discord Pridefall?

Discord is a chat app with over 57 million active users. It’s used by gamers of all levels of experience, from hardcore PC and console gamers to casual smartphone gamers. Discord is also popular among cosplayers, who use it to find friends and coordinate events.

However, Discord has a long history of being a safe and inclusive space for all LGBTQIA+ people. In 2018, Discord became the first chat app to include support for the transgender flag emojis. This year, in partnership with LGBTQ rights organization GLAAD, Discord announced that it would be supporting the Pride fall celebration on its platform.

The Pride fall celebration is an annual event held in various cities around the world to celebrate LGBTQIA+ pride. The event includes parades, picnics, concerts, and other events aimed at promoting acceptance and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex and asexual people.

Discord is celebrated for its inclusive stance towards LGBTQIA+ people and its willingness to work with organizations that support equality and diversity. This year’s Pride fall celebration will take place on November 4th in San Francisco.

Why do people take part in the Discord Pridefall?

Lots of Other Ways To Celebrate Your Character

If you’re a Discord user and you love your character, there are lots of ways to celebrate them this Pridefall! Here are just a few:

-Write a poem or song about your character

-Draw or paint portraits of your character

-Make an avatar outfit for your character that celebrates their pride

-Start a fan club for your character

-Create a Twitter or Instagram account specifically for posting pictures and videos of your character


The Discord Pridefall is a yearly celebration that takes place on the first Saturday in June. The event celebrates all things Discord, from games to art to activism. This year’s event will be held at the Wonderland Ballroom in San Francisco on June 2nd and is sure to be a night you don’t want to miss!

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