Negligent Security Laws in Atlanta

In Atlanta, property owners may be held accountable for injuries sustained by visitors. This is so that property owners can fulfil their obligation to ensure that their premises are secure for visitors. This duty to keep people safe on the premises also entails safeguarding people from illicit conduct by outsiders. In Atlanta, you might be eligible for financial compensation if you had an injury or were a victim of a crime while on someone else’s property. Contact a premises liability attorney in Atlanta right away.

Atlanta’s premises security measures:

It is the responsibility of property owners to keep visitors safe from any criminal activity occurring on their property. When a property owner disregards the need for adequate security measures to safeguard visitors from the unlawful acts of third parties, it is referred to as “negligent security.”

Legally, every landowner must guarantee the safety of their guests. In reality, landowners who do to comply with this regulation may be held civilly liable for any injuries brought on by criminal behaviour.

When security measures are sufficient to protect visitors is at the heart of any claim alleging negligent security. Even if a landowner thinks the security measures they have in place comply with legal requirements, accidents could still happen and cause damage.

What to do in case inadequate security that led to Injury?

According to O.C.G.A. § 51-3-1, a landowner is responsible for damages to individuals hurt by failing to take due care in maintaining the property. Georgia permits crime victims to file lawsuits against property owners and companies for third-party criminal attacks when inadequate security contributed to the conditions that caused the crime to occur.

When someone is the victim of a violent crime, the offender may be civilly accountable for any injury caused. However, if the attack occurred on private property, the proprietor can also be held accountable if sufficient security was not provided. 

A lawyer could assist you in investigating the causes of the victim’s injuries, spotting evidence of negligent landowner behaviour, and adding the landowner as a co-defendant in a personal injury claim. 

Final thoughts:

If you or a dear one was a victim of a crime while on someone else’s property, the property owner may be held legally responsible if there was inadequate security. Get a better understanding of your legal options and hold irresponsible landowners accountable for their actions with the help of an Atlanta negligent security attorney.

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