11 Inspirations For Astonishing Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets play a crucial role in kitchen design – they can change the entire image of your interior.

It does not matter if we furniture a fresh kitchen, replace our old-fashioned cabinets with modern ones, or try to change the design of our kitchen without a complete overhaul – in every case, the cabinet fronts are the most important things in the kitchen. Considering that our choice of cabinets usually determines the style of the kitchen, we should keep in mind that by merely replacing the cabinet doors, we can entirely alter the overall look of it. Most producers offer doors that fit all of the more popular cabinet sizes, but even if we have out of the ordinary sizes, we can easily order the doors crafted specifically for our needs.

When choosing cabinet fronts, if you are in Kolkata, just go for modular kitchen interior layout designer in Kolkata, don’t be afraid of letting yourself go a bit crazy – there is a lot to choose from, starting with the material type, such as wood, metal or glass, and ending with the entire palette of colours. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination go wild. Remember, it is not going to be all that difficult to change your picks later, as you can just replace the doors, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit.

However, if you are one of those who just can’t make up your mind, we will try to help you with some inspiration regarding the best types of cabinets for a modern kitchen.

Black lacquered elegance

The kitchen in the picture has been arranged in black. It is very shiny, modern and extraordinarily elegant. The fronts of cabinets are glossy and sheeny, which makes them reflect the light in a gorgeous manner. The kitchen is spacious, made from materials of high quality. Because of the number of cabinets that have been put inside, it is best to create some contrast between them and the walls. Put a special emphasis on not making the kitchen overly dark. As presented here, it is always a safe bet to cover the walls with white paint to get rid of that danger. Pay attention to the chopped wood that has been tucked in the gap. Such an element of decoration adds a natural accent to your kitchen, which warms up the interior. If you add some inventive illumination, the light reflexes on the cabinets will make it worth the effort.

Veneer wood never gets old

Kitchen furniture made with veneer wood is a timeless solution – it always looks good, also in modern kitchens. Such design fits well with every style of the kitchen, so if you feel bored after you’ve had the same design for a few years, there is no need to replace the cabinets. Just change the interior, add some new elements to it, and your wood-covered cabinets are going to find their place among all that just fine. While arranging your kitchen with wooden cabinets, remember there is a lot to choose from; you can find plenty of types of veneer wood, in different colours and shapes.

Crimson passion

 In this arrangement, we present to you a hot and fiery red kitchen, in which not only the cabinets have been dipped in crimson paint, but also some of the appliances. Such a kitchen will suit hot-tempered people, passionate about cooking. The strong colour of the kitchen has been gently toned down by the floor and wall paint. We consider white and black additions to such a kitchen to be the best choice. Notice the led systems on the ceiling and under the cabinets – they underline the overall character of this kitchen.

Stay classy

White never goes out of fashion. In this case, white matt cabinets gained exposure by the removal of sheets, which makes the entire interior space, light and cheerful. The cabinets themselves were designed in the modern style and equipped with the tip-on system, thus there are no opening devices visible. The interior as a whole is very elegant. The whiteness of cabinets has been contrasted with the darkness of the sink and oven, and the wooden countertops never fail to deliver when paired with white furniture.

Glossy stainless steel

The overall concept is a tad similar to our previous example of the black, glossy kitchen. In this case, however, we try to get the same feeling of highly polished cabinets, with the exception of not using any paint at all.

The sheeny cabinets are the effect of polishing and waxing the material they have been made from, without the addition of anything else.

Through these practices, your metal cabinets acquire high endurance to mechanical damages and are known to be scratch-resistant. The only problem lies in their vulnerability to grease stains, as well as other types of dirt. Also, if you do not clean them carefully enough, there might be a lot of smudges on them afterwards. That is why, people consider them to not be the best choice for people with big families and small children, as they are known for touching furniture with not very clean fingers.

If it is the glossy kitchen furniture that you are after, it is best you ask the producer about the cleaning agents that won’t harm it.

Who needs the cabinets anyway?

Most kitchens do have the upper cabinets, but we are talking modern here – which often means breaking the standards. How does removing some of the furniture sounds, to gain a lot of space and an extraordinary look?

Usually, when removing the cabinets, people choose a white-and-black design, and a minimalistic character, to get the feeling of a spacy and light kitchen. Of course, there is no need to follow the mainstream – why not add some highly-contrasting modern art painting in a place where the cabinets would normally be? Do not feel restrained, one of the better aspects of modern kitchen design is the opportunity to let your imagination run rampant.

The minimalism I mentioned also stems from a practical drive in this case – after all, you do get rid of some storage space by removing the upper cabinets.

Is this even a kitchen?

Having covered some more or less popular furniture options, let us take a break to check out something that will leave your guests clueless as to which room have they actually entered.

This kitchen, at first glance, does not even resemble a kitchen – the furnishing, elegance and extraordinary image can really dazzle and mesmerize your visitors.

Because the upper cabinets were removed, the kitchen resembles more of a living room, or maybe a bathroom now. You can try to hide the appliances behind the same fronts, that your lower cabinets use. The olive colour of them is not very popular in kitchens, which further adds to the feeling of misplacement. Add the white countertops and voila – you’ve got yourself an extremely modern design, which is going to be the source of deep envy among all of your guests.

Do not forget about modern additions, such as vases, flowers and proper illumination to complete the effect.

Floating shelves

We have already covered the basics of modern kitchen design, but for those of you who tend to forget the details, let me say it again – clean lines. This cardinal rule defines the whole style. And what better way to achieve clean lines, in your kitchen, than getting rid of the boring upper cabinets and installing some floating shelves?

Minimalism, simplicity and elegance – all that, in your hands grasp, with little to no effort. Just remember, if this design is what you are after, it is best to install some capacious lower cabinets, for all the kitchen tools you would not want to be kept out in the open, and for some appliances you might want to hide inside of them.

All you need is a few wooden shelves and something to put behind them – a glass backsplash or maybe elegant tiles will work miracles in your kitchen. Keep in mind though, no mess in the kitchen is allowed. You have to keep everything tidy, or else you will find yourself going down the road from floating elegance to dirty and left out in the open.

Why so serious?

There is no need for your kitchen to be all that serious. If you abide by the defining rules of modern kitchen design, you can still have some fun with colours and keep the character of your interior.

To prove to you that it is possible, we present to you this colourful kitchen. Needless to say, the kitchen is unbelievably positive and cheerful. This site itself is enough to lift up the mood of a person that got out of bed on the wrong side.

Such energizing dose of colours will let us storm through the day without problems. While designing a kitchen of so many colours, it is the people of artistic and creative souls that are going to have a lot of fun, as well as an occasion to express themselves and really show their personalities through their kitchen.

Glass-covered cabinets

A white modern kitchen with gloss cabinets and fancy pendant lamps.

Glass-covered cabinets ran out of fashion some time ago, mainly because of the spotlight they got in the more traditional kitchens. Glass-covered cabinets used to be a pretty standard sight in every kitchen, a few years back. Long story short, customers and designers got bored with them.

In a modern kitchen, they are slowly making a comeback. The glass, most commonly white, dark or red, is naturally shiny, but now frequently used in the form of frosted glass. You could also try lacobel glass, which allows you to decorate it.

Before you start playing with glass, however, better ask a professional designer for help. It is a risky material, which if used clumsily can rename your kitchen from modern to old-fashioned.

In any case, glass-covered kitchen cabinets work especially well with led illumination systems, usually placed behind them for the best effect.

You liked our inspirations, but can’t decide which one to choose? It’s easy – combine all of them!

Floating shelves and cabinets in the sleek modern kitchen.

Trust us, we know the feeling. Listing all of the ideas is easy enough, but the choice that has to be made is a real nightmare. But do you really have to choose?

How about mixing all of the previously mentioned ideas into a unique, modern interior that nobody else could dream of? How awesome would it be to visit your friends, and when they show you their brand new, modern kitchen, you just yawn and say “ Yeah, I’ve got the same…and more”?

There is a catch though. Combining several styles together can either make or break your kitchen.

While the combinations are indeed endless, it might not be the easiest call to make. Even if you think that your mixture is a true gem of modern kitchen design, this, unfortunately, might prove not to be entirely true. Not every one of us has been born a natural talent in interior design. Keep that in mind.

If knowing all this, you still want to go after a combination of styles, maybe it’s best to get the help of a professional interior designer? Unless you are one hundred per cent sure you are able to pull this off on your own, that’s our advice to you.

This concludes our guide to kitchen cabinets. We hope we managed to spark your mind with some fresh inspirations. As always, we wish you luck in creating your very own, unique modern kitchen!

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