10Hot Chess Players to Search during the Current Year

Males playing a sport is a typical sight, however, envision females playing a sport that males for the most part rule; indeed, it is a sight to be seen. Similarly, we as a whole realize that Chess is a male-ruling sport, with most of the players being male.

Besides, a male chess player match is alright, however, envision watching a chess match of female hot chess players. Yes, most of us would favor watching the female chess matches.

Similarly, in the present article, we have arranged a list of hot chess players passing judgment on their looks and their talents and skills.

So, stay blocked to recover more about them. What’s more, who knows, you could track down a couple of secrets about them.

1 Hot Chess Players to Search for 2022

Above all, before we start the rating, let us in that the listing is not to be viewed in a serious way. Since every player referenced here is similarly capable, no one is less than anyone. Trust we as a whole understand that this positioning is just a simple conviction.

2 Rusudan Goletiani

Descendant from Georgia, Rusudan Goletiani is an American professional chess player with excellent talents and potential.

Also, Goletiani holds the FIDE titles of Global Master and Lady Grandmaster. Likewise, Goletiani was a three-time world girls’ champion of her age class.

Besides, she was also the 2003 American mainland women’s champion and 2005 U.S. women’s championship. This skilled Georgian-American chess player is also considered one of the top hot chess players in the world.

3. Alexandra Kosteniuk

We as a whole skill hot Russian women can be with regards to the excellence division.

In any case, Alexandra Kosteniuk is a wonder as well as a chess grandmaster who was the Women’s World Chess Champion from 2008 to 2010.

Also, we should not fail to remember that Kosteniuk was the 2004’s European women’s champion. In addition, this Russian Chess hottie turned into Russia’s Women’s Chess Champion in 2005 and 2016.

Besides, she won gold medals during the Women’s Chess Olympiads of 2010, 2012, and 2014.

Discussing her new title, Kosteniuk secured success at the 2021 Women’s World Fast Chess Championship and brought the championship back home with her.

4. Eva Moser

Brought into the world on 26 July 1982, Eva Moser was a professional Austrian chess player blessed with an incredible ability for Chess.

Most importantly, she was the Lady Grandmaster and the champion of Worldwide Master by FIDE. In most of the competitions she joined in, she would always get back with a prize.

Similarly, she also contended in the 2008’s Women’s World Chess Championship. Besides, Moser had also published a couple of instructional chess DVDs. Sadly, on 31 Walk 2019, Moser lost her life to leukemia.

6. Nazi Paikidze

Nazi Paikidze is a Russian-conceived American professional Chess player who holds the Global Master and Lady Grandmaster titles granted by the FIDE.

Also, Paikidze is a double cross World Young lady’s Champion and a four-time European Young lady’s Champion of her age classification. Similarly, she is also a double cross U.S. Women’s Champion.

Nonetheless, in the 2017’s Women’s World Chess Championship in Iran, Paikidze boycotted the opposition because of the hijab dress code. Nevertheless, she promptly got support from worldwide, including the U.S. Chess League.

The fascinating part about the Polgar sisters is that they never went to school or any institute, and the feats they accomplished at early ages coordinated or even surpassed those of some of the greatest male Chess players.

Not to neglect, Judith, the youngest of the three sisters, accomplished the thin position of Grandmaster against the male rivalry.

Following this, she proceeded to supplant Bobby Fischer as the youngest person in chess history to have won this honor.

Similarly, every one of the three Polgar sisters has each accomplished top awards and titles.

7. Anna Sharevich

A great deal of Belarusian-conceived American chess players in the hot chess players list, isn’t that so? Yes, just like the other alluring Belarusian-conceived chess players on the list, Anna Sharevich is also a hotshot with regard to magnificence and Chess.

In any case, not to get tricked by her looks alone, because she holds the title of Lady Grandmaster and is also the victor of the Women’s Belarusian Chess Championship (2002, 2005, 2007, and 2011).

Furthermore, Sharevich also played for the Belarusian group in the Women’s Chess Olympiad in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012.

Notwithstanding, Sharevich changed public federations from Belarus to the US in 2014.

7. Natalia Pogonina

Brought into the world on 9 Walk 1985, Natalia Pogonina is a Russian professional chess player positioned number thirteenth in the top hot chess players listing.

To sum up, Pogonina is a very skilled professional chess player who holds the FIDE title of Lady Grandmaster and is also the sprinter up of the Women’s World Chess Championship 2015.

Besides, She was a double cross champion of the Russian Women’s Championship in 2012 and 2018.

Above all, she was in the gold decoration winning group of Russia at the Women’s Chess Olympiads of 2012 and 2014. And furthermore at the 2011’s Women’s European Group Chess Championship.

8. Lanita Stetsko

Lanita Stetsko is a Belarusian women’s chess champion. She holds numerous chess championship titles and is a very much respected competitor in Chess. In addition, Stetsko also holds the title of Women Grandmaster 2015.

Similarly, Stetsko won the Worldwide Women’s Chess Competition in 2016. 

Besides, Stetsko represented her country in the European Group Chess Championships 2013.

Most importantly, following two years, she is the beneficiary of the 2013 FIDE Global Women Master (WIM) grant and the FIDE Worldwide Women Grandmaster (WGM) title.

Stetsko is skilled in playing Chess as well as in her degrees. She moved on from the Belarussian State University in Business and The executive’s Innovation Institute. She is among the hot chess players who you would have no desire to miss.

9. Stavroula Tsolakidou

Positioned eleventh on the hot chess player list, we have Stavroula Tsolakidou. The Greek global player is referred to for her excellence as well as for her titles. This is to say, she holds to the title of Worldwide Master and Lady Grandmaster.

Additionally, the 36 years old excellence won the World U14 Girls’ Chess Championship in 2013. This resulted in her acquiring the Lady FIDE Master title.

Similarly, Stavroula is also the honor holder of the Lady Worldwide Master 2014 title. What’s more, she also brought home the World U18 Girls’ Championship.

Likewise, Stavroula came out on top for the Italian Women’s Group Championship, where she played two games and dominated in the two of them.

Above all, Stavroula Tsolakidou is the main Greek female player of 2018. Also, she has been cast a ballot as ‘Most Rich Lady Chess Player of late times’ by the web local area.

10. Anna Zatonskih

Anna Zatonskih is the tenth-positioned hot chess player in the world. The 44 years old excellence is appealing and a gifted chess player.

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