Five Benefits of Football Live Score

We have seen that live score makes it easy to have a look at your team scores, but how about the other side of the coin, the five benefits of the live score, you might have never known about? Live Score has a number of other hidden bonuses.

1. The Biggest Mover

Before a single second can pass, who scores the most goals will already have the biggest impact on your team’s scoreboard. Live score shows the goal difference between two teams and this is the first factor you need to keep an eye out for.

Now, this might not make that big of an impact if you are not used to the statistics, but you will be amazed when you see that teams who score less goals than their opponents, with the exception of games with a score difference of three or more goals, are much more likely to get a draw. If your opponents score five and you score one, your odds of having a draw are only 46%. Compare this to the probabilities for teams who score more goals: 53%. In other words, a draw is like a free goal.

2. Statistical Fakes


Are you looking for stats to show that one team has an advantage over the other? If you want to make your game more interesting for your players, you can use team statistics, but, as we have already seen, this will be dependent on your current team’s result. Click here

With live score, you can find the best match statistics and then enter them in a way that will benefit your game. For instance, if a team has an advantage in terms of penalties, you can type in this number on your live score (check the widget on the right-hand side), and see how that affects the result of your game. If you have a goal difference of one, this number will not change the number of goals, but it will reduce the probability of a win. If you have a difference of two or more goals, you will see that your opponent has a 50% chance of winning.

3. Bets and Halves


Live score is very flexible when it comes to betting. You can enter the number of half-time and full-time cards you want to make bets on. Or, if you just want to see a few lines on your game, just enter the number of goals your team needs to score to be in the lead. Also, you can set the distance between your teams’ goalposts, so you can see who is ahead in all important game moments, whether it’s a corner or a penalty. Clich here

4. Share with Friends and Fun

Nowadays, most of us are more involved in social networks. Why not use this opportunity to share your live score with your friends and the people you follow on Facebook and Twitter? You can also tweet about your live score in the form of @MyTeamLiveScore, so your followers can know what’s happening.

When a friend or your followers tweet about a great goal, you can use the real-time feature to receive a notification. In other words, this means that even if your team is not playing, you can still enjoy this activity.

5. Daily Kick


Daily Kick takes the concept of football scores and shows the score for every game that is taking place today. You will get a daily update of the score if your team is playing or not, a match summary, and the complete list of teams participating in the league. This way, you will always have the top matches of the week, so you can use the best games as a preparation for your team’s next game.


Live score is a fantastic tool for all sportscore enthusiasts who are looking for a solution to watch their favorite game events in real time. The fact that you can compare scores and make predictions gives the players an advantage, and the result of this will encourage your players to improve and achieve more success. If you are planning to give this tool a try, take a look at our pricing page. You will be glad you did.


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