10 Iconic Movie Scene That is Still Memorable Until Today’s Digital Era

When watching a film, of course, not only entertainment and moral messages. There are some moments or scenes that remain an impression on the heart and mind. Can be sad, happy, sadistic, scary, and so on. These moments seem to be deliberately made by the director so that people remember the movies they have watched. Even so iconic, there are several scenes or moments in the film that are used as jokes in memes. Check out the details below!

1. Patrick Bateman Wields an Ax – American Psycho

Do you remember the meme where Christian Bale wields an axe while making a laugh? Obviously not a positive scene in the film holding an axe while laughing. Obviously, this must be a madman to be able to wield an axe with an expression like that. And sure enough, this is a scene from the movie American Psycho.

Christian Bale is not just an actor at random. He can portray various characters very well. He always gives 100% totality when acting, just like when he played Patrick Bateman. Patrick Bateman is a wealthy investor with a psychopathic disorder that he hides from his friends.

2. Neo Avoiding Bullets – The Matrix

The debate regarding Keanu Reeves whether he is a great actor or not will be an endless debate. Maybe there are people who don’t like the way he acts, but there is no way he can hate his figure personally. Keanu Reeves is known to be very humble, humble, and simple. Played in many films, one of which is The Matrix.

The Matrix has a total of 4 series that were first started in The Matrix in 1999. Keanu Reeves, who plays Neo, is appointed as a hero who can defeat and end the war that occurs in cyberspace called the Matrix. There is one scene where Neo is shot by an evil agent but manages to avoid it very nicely. This scene is so iconic and hard to forget even though The Matrix series is finished.

3. Eat Spaghetti – Lady and the Tramp

Cartoon films have a simple and interesting storyline so that young children who watch them don’t have to think too hard. Are cartoons just for children’s viewing? Of course not, adults are also allowed if they want to watch cartoons. Walt Disney Production has been known as a large company that produces cartoon films. Call it Lady and the Tramp.

Lady and the Tramp tells a romantic comedy story between two dogs named Lady and Tramp. Lady, who ran away when she wanted to be taken to the pet shop, met a wild dog named Tramp. Falling in love with Tramp, Lady and Tramp do a cute and romantic scene where they both eat spaghetti. This scene is one of the most iconic scenes that will not be forgotten.

4. Rocky Exercise – Rocky

Sylvester Stallone is best remembered for the characters, Rocky Balboa and Rambo. Rocky Balboa is a character who works as a boxer in the Rocky film. Rocky itself has many series from Rocky I to Rocky V. And most of the Rocky series, which directed it, of course, the actor, Sylvester Stallone.

As a boxer, of course, you have to do some training before you start a match. In the Rocky film, it is shown how hard Rocky Balboa practised before getting into the ring. This scene is so well-known that it is often used as a motivation for sportsmen to get excited about exer Coupled with the right-back sound, this scene will stick to the memory of the audience.

5. Margot Robbie Teases Leonardo DiCaprio – The Wolf of Wall Street

Talking about stocks is fun. From this stock, a person can suddenly become rich or poor. The conflict experienced by those who jump into the world of stocks can be seen from the film The Wolf of Wall Street directed by Martin Scorsese. The artists who played in the film were Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, and Margot Robbie.

Leonardo DiCaprio who plays Jordan Belfort decided to dive into the world of stocks. After making a lot of money from stocks, Jordan spent the money having fun with alcohol, drugs, and of course women. Jordan is married to a woman named Naomi, played by Margot Robbie. There is a funny and teasing scene between Jordan and Naomi where Naomi teases Jordan. Jordan, who is tempted and wants to invite Naomi to have intimate, is held back by Naomi’s feet.

6. The aliens come out of the body – aliens

When talking about horror films, you will not be separated from the scary scenes and gore full of blood. As shown in the film Alien. Alien itself is a film franchise that has a core story about a dangerous alien figure who wants to rule the Earth. One way to do this is by reproducing and killing humans.

The aliens have a unique way of reproducing. Adult aliens will place their babies in the human body. When it’s time, the aliens will come out of the human body through their chest. The alien baby will come out through the chest of this human being the most unforgettable scene in the Alien movie. Those who watch it will not feel afraid but also disgusted to see the way aliens come out of the human chest.

7. “I Am Your Father” – The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars may be one of the films with the longest-running series. The first one aired in 1977 and the last in 2019. That means a total of 11 films about Star Wars. Not to mention the addition of the series, namely The Mandalorian. However, it is not the series that will be discussed, but the film, namely Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.

This fifth film aired in 1980 and was directed by Irvin Kershner. This short story from the fifth series is an attempt by Dart Vader to bring Luke Skywalker to the dark side. Initially, it was not known who the identity of Dart Vader was. Until finally the identity was revealed by Dart Vader by saying, “I am your father”.

8. Jack and Rose Floating in the Sea – Titanic

Long before the time of South Korean dramas which were famous for their romance, there was a Hollywood film with a romantic genre whose story was taken from a true story, namely Titanic. Of course, all of you have been with the title of this film, right? Tells the story of the sinking of the Titanic with added spices of romance between Jack and Rose.

Played by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as Jack and Rose. Jack is a painter aboard the Titanic and falls in love with Rose who is the fiancé of the wealthy Caledon. At the end of the story, the Titanic sank and many passengers tried to save themselves, including Jack and Rose. One scene that can not be forgotten is when Jack gives a ship door for Rose to ride. Jack is willing to sacrifice himself to swim in the cold sea while Rose survives.

9. Opening Scene of The Sound of Music

Want to find a film with the musical-romance genre? Maybe The Sound of Music could be an option. This is indeed not a contemporary film or an old film because it was broadcast in 1965. Directed by Robert Wise, The Sound of Music has won many awards for its interesting storyline, slick shooting, and artist.

In the intro of the film, we will be presented with a view of the grass and mountains that are very beautiful. Then the music went on and Baronin Maria Von Trapp appeared singing and dancing. A very attractive and beautiful opening that is hard to forget. This film tells the true story of a concert group from the Von Trapp Family in the era before World War II.

10. Peter Parker Dancing – Spider-Man 3

Marvel has many superhero characters who have been appointed to the big screen. The most famous of them is the character Spider-Man. Spider-Man is a superhero who has spider-like powers. This power is obtained because of Peter Parker being bitten by a poisonous spider from the laboratory. After experiencing extreme pain and fever, Peter Parker wakes up with his physical changes and superhuman strength.

Spider-Man has several films where there are several actors who get the opportunity to portray the character, Peter Parker. The first is Tobey Maguire. He played Peter Parker in the three Spider-Man films. In the third series, Peter Parker, who is entered by a symbiote named Venom, undergoes a change in his character from being calm to being aggressive.

There is one scene where Peter Parker, who has been entered by Venom, performs a dance in front of a building. Many people consider this dance as a ridiculous dance and Tobey Maguire is blasphemed because of it. But there are many people who stand up for Tobey and say that this scene is interesting and funny.

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