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Nag Tiibba’s journey was consistently on my list of must-dos when

I read someplace that “On the off chance that you see Sunrise and Sunset every day, that implies you are the most fortunate individual” and today after an extremely long time frame I saw that uncommon perspective on the dawn from the Nag Tibba. I was depleted and starving however it was an exceptionally little expense for this wonderful representation of nature. We were resting on the grass, watching the unmistakable blue sky, and getting a charge out of the tranquility of that place.

How we arrive

Nag Tiibba’s journey was consistently on my list of must-dos when I heard it interestingly lastly, I got that opportunity to haul it out. One of my companions asked Would you get a kick out of the chance to go along with us for Nag Tibba Trekking? I recognize the proposal without deduction to an extreme.

For this Nag Tibba trek, we were three and amped up. We were assembled for making arrangements and spontaneously, we chose the date, time, and fixed the entire timetable for the forthcoming end of the week. The next couple of days we completed all our pressing and on a Thursday night, we left for Uttarakhand.

Our first main stop is Dehradun to get to Nag Tibba. The spot from which the authentic tour begins is Dehradun. It is all linked to all transport methods. Transportation, rail, and travel from Delhi are also possible.

Street – It will take approximately 6 to 7 hours to reach Dehradun if you travel by transportation or taxi.

Rail – Railways are also accessible on a daily basis and replace locations from Delhi to Dehradun. You can choose it according to your lodging.

Air – This is the ideal alternative for you if you need to take an air insight or to reduce time. Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun takes between 45-60 minutes.

Course Plan for Nag Tibba:

Highway 1-Dehradun – > Pantwari – > 8 Km trip to Nag Tibba and 3 km to Nag Tibba Summit

Highway 2 Dehradun->Mussoorie street > Devalsari town – > 13 km trip to Nag

We leave for Dehradun at 10 pm from Delhi ISBT and we choose to follow highway 1


In the first part of the day at 4:15, we arrived at the Dehradun transport stand yet before we contemplated our following stage, a downpour invited us to Dehradun. I don’t think about you however I’m partial to troublesome downpour and tea. Furthermore, without burning through any time, we head towards the tea slow down. Tasting some tea while watching showering and bunches of senseless talk with companions is consistently a magnificent time for me. In the wake of taking light snacks, we were prepared to move to our next stop which was Pantwari town, and fortunately, the downpour likewise halted. To get any open vehicle/transport for Pantwari you need to initially visit Mussoorie station and from that point, you’ll get the vehicle for Pantwari. In any case, we booked a taxi straightforwardly to Pantwari Village as opposed to going to Mussoorie – > Naina Bagh town

At 5:30 we head towards the Pantwari Village. It was a delightful morning where the sun had not yet shown up, the breeze was streaming, which opened our languid eyes and presented the newness of this spot. We abandoned the Dehradun. Here the street was smooth and the window showed the changing shades of the scene. One side with long pine trees and the opposite side shows the yellowish fields where individuals are working. By taking a gander at these entrancing perspectives, we didn’t understand the speed of time and approx 9 am we arrived at where the real trip begins for Nag Tibba.

At 9:30 we began our trip and one of my companions drove us from the front since he visited there previously and had a superior thought regarding the course as opposed to us. We didn’t use a guide for that reason. However, ensure assuming you are visiting interestingly, you should employ a guide.

Why am I saying this?

Nag Tibba Trek is 8-9 km long which is brimming with exciting bends in the road, which go through the thick backwoods. Particularly in winter when the entire territory will be covered with a cover of snow, at that point it is very hard to discover and be on the correct way. What’s more, your one wrong advance takes you to where no one needs to be stuck which is loaded with wild animals.

We were moving to our headquarters however our speed was very lethargic due to all our outdoor stuff. It was very hard however we were roused and following 5 hours of the trip, we arrived at Nag Temple and we chose to set up a campsite close to Nag Temple. Bother Temple is 1 km before the Nag Tibba top which is devoted to Nag Devta. Nearby locals have Great confidence in Nag Devta. The nearby individuals have been offering petitions (puja) to the Snake God (Nag Devta) at this pinnacle which is a demonstration of its sacredness. There is additionally a water source close to the sanctuary which you can utilize on the off chance that you run out of water. However, water isn’t exceptionally perfect so ensure you bubble it or use chlorine tablets before utilization.

Nag Tibba Trek: Enjoy Serene Beauty and Mesmeric Views in the Abode of  Serpent God - Adventure Nation Blog


How frequently do you get an opportunity to awaken with the twittering of birds and the perspective on the gleaming Himalayas? Possibly not very many. Early that day was stunning for us. We woke up at 4:45 and chose to head towards the Nag Tibba Summit for catching the excellent nightfall see. We convey the work. I was helping my companion in pressing tents and another companion making tea for us. It required a total of 15 minutes to pack all our stuff. Presently we lacked the capacity to deal with tea. We poured the tea in a vacuum carafe and chose to appreciate it at the highest point with a dawn see.

At 5:02 we start the trip to the culmination. The path was going more extreme and more extreme after each and every progression. Subsequent to battling to arrive at the culmination. Luckily, we at long last saw a few banners waving noticeable all around. We saw each other faces with a wicked grin and without saying a solitary word, we raced to arrive at the top first. Indeed, it sounds senseless yet it was a paramount snicker for us. Following 50 seconds of running, we were at the top. All were totally out of relaxing. It was somewhat of a trip however trust me, when you reach there you will fail to remember every single step that you took.

There were as yet 3-4 minutes in the dawn. We could see the lovely Himalayan pinnacles like Nanda Devi, Bunderpunch, Chaukhamba, and so on and for several minutes, we saw the magnificent dawn from Nag Tibba.

Lastly, there was an ideal opportunity to return home. This outing was for no particular reason, however, it’s tied in with making new encounters, knowing our capacity, and stretching our boundaries. At whatever point I visit these kinds of spots it demonstrates to me that”Life is…beautiful”.

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