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The Himalayan mountains lead the best treks Himalayan

extend from the northwest to the southeast of the Indian submarines. The highest mountains in the world, Mount Everest and the third largest mountain, and Kanchenjunga area in the Himalayas.

 There are three equal mountains in the Himalayas. More attention, or in the scope of the simulator, the central area, and the Himachal, and less or smaller range or married range.

 Himalayas Traveling

 Height Travel, for example, Everest Headquarters trip is in a larger Himalayas. FINALLY focused on the Frozen Mass Himalayan is a well-meddled sparrow well from the waterways transmitted in the aeroplanes of India.

 Kashmir, Kullu, the excellent Kangra Valley is located in the Himalayas. We pursue a trip as Prahar Lake Journey and Kashmir Great Lake Journaling.

 Himalaya bears consistently tourists and experience hungry people. Huge amazing mountains, snowfall, huge glacier dough, different landscapes, and the highest location for travellers with a green green green green and green. The nature that exists here for its total mystery and quality attracts travellers from all over the world.

 When I need to go on a trip in the Himalayas, we are here, here is our manual for the best trip to Amateur Master’s Day trips.

 Himalayas Bottle Tibba Trek

 Tibba Bother is a 9,915 feet assembly for Uttarakhand. This moderate short trip, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, is finished and covered 20 km and ended in 2 days.

 You need to find yourself within the range of mountains and dancing from the forest, rough mountain pulse, snow covers the road and dancing from the fun camp, and sunset of fun camp, at that time, Nag Tibba the trip is completely customized.

 This trip allows you to install a camp where you can see six mountain peaks, such as Gango and Kedarnath Pinnacle, and Doon Valley.

 Dehradun After driving to Cressk Street to Pantwari Town is the main attraction of this trip after Yamnstream to drive the street.

 Prashar Lake Trek

 This is a 2 day trip at a good purpose of Lake Prashar. This is surrounded by the scope of Dhauladhar, the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh. There is no fixed time for this trip, and you can always visit Lake Prashar in a year. The trip started with Panarasa and, after a 15 km walk in approximately 2 days, Lake Prashar materializes at a height of 8,900 feet. Banco de Lago Prashar. A small elliptical island is skimmed at the funny lake water.

 Freedom of attention care is that you are allowed adventurous camping near the lake. All are fascinated by a star surrounded by dark blue water from the lake during the afternoon, with a stacked star surrounded by dark blue water during the night. There is a committed sanctuary with Sage Parashar in Lakeshore, which shows the design of Himachali.

 Triund Trek

Triund Trek has become a scope of the snow Claddhauladhar and the Cangla Valley.

 This simple and well-known trip begins with McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh. In each season, the trip does not end only 67 hours and requires another decent part for its delicious end of the week’s journey.

 The excursion of Oak and Rodddron in the wooden forest is a steep slope, but it adds a quiet experience on this trip. In any case, I feel like a boring walk for several hours on the road.

 Brahmatal Trek

 Brahmatal Journey takes you to Lake Brahmatal from a frozen lake located at a height of 12,250 feet in the Uttarand Chamoli area. Because the Brahmatal trip is a secret jewel, this underestimation trip offers a beautiful special perspective, since not only the real road but also the thickener of the thick ice of ice.

 A quiet and tranquil atmosphere is done from daytime from the ice sheet from the surface of Lake Braekaral, Mt Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, and Hathighoda’s breath.

 This trip is a suspended annual trip, and the ideal opportunity to visit Brahmatal Lake is from December to March. Of the average members, you can appreciate the snowfall directly on your way. In spring and summer, due to fog and snow and rational empty scarcity, you can announce an unmistakable point of view on the scene.

 Kedarkantha Trek

 Kedarkantha is a summit of 12,500 feet in Uttarakhand Chamoli Locale.  Kedarkantha Trek is a 60-day main winter trip located in the wildlife of Guarabarab.

 Asylum and National Park

 Travel begins with the Sankri headquarters, a city of 1011 hours from Dehradun de Street. From Sankri, the road passes to the thick Timberland of Garhwal Himalayas.

 Transit has a lake of “Judda Ka Talab”, which is dedicated to the locals. As the legend goes, Rudting Shiva was joking about Kedarkantha Top, and when the water was thrown out of the bread of him, Judah brought this wonderful lake with 9000 feet. Set this really a campsite near the wonderful lake.

 Yamuna, Kedal Ganga, and the completely clear water of the Camarganga flow. The view from the culmination of Kedarkantha has no uncertainty. The North shows the Bandal punch of Bandarakhand in Suwargalohand. Human ranges are also remarkable from the peak in the northwest.

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