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Best Android Spy app – The One Spy

Today we are doing a detailed review of the best android spy app with features, pricing, installation, pros and cons, and many more that make spy apps for android the best in the business. We have chosen the best cell phone spying app for android that makes you get rid of scams and fake spy applications floating on the web, and the name of the application is TheOneSpy.

When it comes to sounding like a world spy, it seems fishy and intrusive, but today we will tell you about the non-intrusive android spying software we have in the business. Digital spying over the years has become an art for the digital well-being of kids and to make sure business safety. The use of a spy app for a phone depends on a user who uses it.

Why use android spy apps

There are plenty of reasons involved that make someone use cell phone spy apps for legitimate activities. You can use apps to monitor and track stolen phones and monitor someone’s activity on the target device. Users can further use spying applications for call recording, spying on messages, chats, surroundings, social media, and many more.

Today, we have plenty of options available on the web, and you have to choose the best android spy solution. It is very daunting to get your hands on the mobile tracker software, but we suggest you TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy Phone spy app for android in a nutshell!

Mobile spy software is one of the best smartphone surveillance applications and we are talking about TheOneSpy. It empowers you to spy on activities on the target device that you wish to monitor. It is easy to use and takes a few minutes to complete its configuration on the target cellphone.

It has features that discover everything on the phone screen, storage, social apps, call logs, installed apps, GPS location, surroundings, and many more things without rooting. The application is invisible and leaves no footprints behind but syncs data on its online dashboard to the fullest.

Best Picks of TheOneSpy android spy

  • It encourages ethical spying on cellphones and negates intrusive and illicit surveillance on the target mobile.
  • It follows the State laws and encourages not using it for unethical activities and you have to have written consent of the target device before you spy on someone’s mobile.
  • It supports the victim of privacy breaching and provides complete evidence of those users involved in privacy breaching. However, using it for your own devices belongs to your kids and your business.
  • It has got overwhelming and great pieces of response from people who belong to different walks of life. You can use it for digital parenting to safeguard your kids. Moreover, spy on employees working in your organization.
  • The android spy has the user –with a friendly interface and easy-to-function features and an online dashboard that makes it a unique, trustworthy and worthy buying spying solution for android
  • The application will remain hidden on the target device and spy on every activity on the target device with the schedule.
  • It is an undetectable monitoring app for cellphones and tablet devices and spies on every activity on the phone without the target person’s knowledge.

 Top 10 Features of TheOneSpy spying software for android

Here are the top features of the best phone monitoring app that you need to know for the digital well-being of kids and to improve business safety.

Social media spy

Social media messenger spying software is the best tool for users that want to monitor social media logs on cellphone devices connected to the internet. It enables users to read and monitor messaging app logs secretly. You can discover messages, chat, voice messages, and VoIP call logs on Facebook, WhatsApp, and others.

Read messages

Users can access the android cellular network to read and track messaging conversations, and SMS sent and received using text message monitoring.

GPS Tracking

End-users can use TheOneSpy online dashboard and activate the real-time location, location history, and location without GPS, and Geo-fencing. Every feature works at the same time and navigates the target device’s location on the Map.

 Password cracker

End users can spy on cellphone devices and allow you to monitor passwords, like digital passwords, and pattern passwords without rooting the android device.

Record phone surrounds

Users can use a surround recorder on their cellphone and take over the microphone remotely to record surround voice chats, sounds, and many more things. Users can download the data to the web control panel.

View installed apps

Users can track the list of all the applications working or installed on android devices using cellphone monitoring software. Users can view the applications in a complete list using the web control panel.

Remote spy

Users can block the number of activities on the target phone remotely. You can block messages, calls, and internet access to the fullest.

VoIP Call Recording

Users can activate the Voice call recording app without rooting on the target device. It can record and listen to non-rooted social messaging apps’ voice and video calls and save data on the dashboard. 

Browsing history

End-users can access phone browsers to view installed browsers and to visit browsing activities. You can watch visited websites and bookmark them.

Keystrokes logger

Users can capture and record keystroke clicks on the cellphone keyboard with a schedule to read messages, messenger chat, passwords, and email.

Android spying software compatible OS

It is compatible with non-rooted phones from OS version 5.0 up to OS version 11.0.

  • TOS cell phone monitoring app Price and Packages:
  • Xlite Edition for $ 6.25/month
  • Premium Edition for $12.5 per month
  • Is TheOneSpy android spy app legal?

Yes, the TOS cellphone tracking app is legal, and you can use it on your kid’s devices belongs to you. Moreover, protect business devices and keep tabs on your employees during working hours. It is legal for legitimate activities.


TheOneSpy cell phone spy software is the best tool to spy on android phones and tablet devices without root, and you can use it for kids’ online safety and to catch lazy employees.

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