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Best App to Record Viber Calls, Stats, and Facts: My Recommendation

Its been more than a decade since Viber is offering its services to users. Last year Viber experienced a more than one hundred per cent increase in group activities. Here are some of the interesting facts regarding the Viber app.

  • The platform reached 1.1 billion users in March 2020 according to Rakuten 2020 statistics.
  • Around 193 countries enjoy the services offered by the Viber platform. The number is extraordinary and shows the success of the instant messaging chat app.
  • 50% of users share personal media like images and videos everyday using the Viber app.

The above-mentioned data shows the success of the Viber app among the instant messenger chat app users. Another important point about this app is that it is available in 40 languages so which makes it accessible to users around the globe.

Although the app is just like any other instant message chat app one of the major drawbacks of this Viber is that it does not offer a call block option to its users. That means you are not able to block any unknown or private number. It is a major drawback of this app. You can use some other alternative ways that can let you monitor the call-related activities of Viber. You can even record Viber calls as well by using this technique. I am talking about the use of spy app features like a Viber screen recorder.  My recommendation is OgyMogy.Instead of just moving here and there in search of a spy app, just give it a try and you will like the offered features very much.

Here are some interesting facts about the OgyMogyViber spy app.

Audio And Video Call Record:

Instant message chat apps like Viber have replaced simple cellular call services. Major two reasons are :

Everyone loves free stuff and if it is quality assured then of course no one will deny it. With the Viber spy app, you can not only know about the incoming and outgoing Viber call log but can also record any suspicious call as well. Listening to Viber calls by using the record Viber call facility can be handy in the following ways.

  1. You can use this feature to listen to your teen Viber calls
  2. Save them From Spam calls by listening to the call content
  3. It is one best way to assure the safety of the teen from online bullying, and harassment.
  4. In case they are in connection with strangers through the Viber app,listen to their call conversation with online friends and strangers and know when they are in trouble.
  5. You can use the record Viber calls feature in the corporate sector as well to know about the official and unofficial business-related calls.
  6. Track any spy in the organization or make sure your employees professionally deal with customers by using the Viber spy app features.

Other Distinguishing Features:

With the Viber spy app along with call-related features, one can enjoy other features as well.

Text Message Record:

Viber allows its users to send private and group chat messages. One can remotely get into target inbox records with an OgyMogyViber screen recorder. Read the teen chat messages and group text message content and make sure your teen has a good online company on Viber. You can know about the contacts data and can track any bully right away.

Group messages are risky in a way that members of any group can belong to any age group. It is not good for teenagers to be friends with people who are older than the age group. As the kind of conversation and different interests can affect the teenagers in a bad way.

Track Shared Media:

Instant message chat app makes it easy for its users to share media in the form of images, video, or audio files. With the ease to share anything through the app, the importance of monitoring the media shared through the Viber app becomes important. As a parent or employee, it is your right to keep a check on the shared media through the Viber app by the target person.

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