Android Device Management for Remote Workers

With cyber attacks on the rise, enterprises everywhere must think critically about their security posture. Is your company equipped to stay out of the headlines of the next attack?

For most large businesses, scalability is a crucial factor when considering security solutions. Scalability is important because of the huge attack surface that comes with an increasingly digital workplace. Onboarding, offboarding, and general business operations demand a high amount of flexibility in a security software. A good Android Remote Wipe solution will be up to the task.

Android Remote Wipe is not something to overlook when it comes to security. The best Android Remote Wipe solution will be flexible enough to fit the needs of your enterprise and grow with an increasing number of devices. With a Remote Wipe software that you can deploy to the thousands of smartphones and tablets you manage, you will have better control over the confidential data in your care.

When you have Android Remote Wipe capabilities through a solution like DriveStrike, you can remotely erase data from any phone or tablet that employees use for their work. A remote wipe involves sending a command to the compromised device that, when received, will delete all data stored on the device. To get the Android device functional again, it will need to be set up from scratch. After a remote wipe, any proprietary data that was on the device will be irrecoverable and safe from unauthorized access.

Android Remote Wipe is an excellent way to ensure data privacy, and it can be implemented daily for many different use cases. Offboarding employees, repurposing devices, and remote work can all be security concerns when not handled properly. Many enterprises use Android Remote Wipe to securely delete protected data as company mobile devices are changing ownership.
Anyone who has been following the news does not need to be reminded that it’s a dangerous digital world out there. Your customers and employees are counting on you to ensure the privacy of their data. Having an Android Remote Wipe solution is more important than ever — it is time to do what is best for your business

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