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Where is the best place to buy real estate in Europe in 2022 is not easy to decide. The European market, like the rest of the world, was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in some countries the impact of the coronavirus was negligible, while in others the opposite – the closure of borders and reduced tourist flow led to almost a disaster. But the pandemic and the economic crisis will not last forever. Experts agree that in 2022, the situation will gradually normalize, which will have a positive impact on the real estate market in Europe.

Considering where best to buy property in Europe must first determine what the main purpose of the purchase object:

investments for rental income or resale – suitable property in areas with beautiful nature (sea, mountains, lakes), where there is a quick recovery tourist flow (Croatia, Cyprus, Italy) or business or educational centers of Europe (London, Berlin, Paris);

moving to a permanent place of residence – here the buyers choose from their own preferences, but usually it should be a city with a well-developed social and transport infrastructure;

participation in the passport program or a prerequisite for tax residency (the most popular European citizenship programs operate in Portugal, Spain, Greece).

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Why is it profitable to buy property in Europe now?

Decreased demand has prompted sellers to reduce the cost of objects – in many countries, very good properties are sold at a discount of 10-20%;

the need to obtain a European passport to facilitate the crossing of borders during periods of strict quarantine;

lower interest rates on deposits makes it unprofitable to put money in bank accounts, investing in real estate even during a pandemic looks more profitable.

Recent analysis of the real estate market in the leading countries of Europe

To make a successful purchase, investors are now actively looking for high quality and promising objects absolutely in all European countries, the more so that now there is a good chance to get it at a bargain price. However, not all European real estate market continues to fall, in some countries, it has already recovered and began to grow. Let us review the situation in all markets to assess the prospects for buying property in European countries.

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