MyFSAPay Program Pilot Results

The MyFSAPay Program Pilot Results are in! After six months of testing, we found that the program had a significant impact on our customers’ satisfaction and convenience.

What is the MyFSAPay Program?

The MyFSAPay program is a new pilot program from the Department of Defense (DoD) that allows military service members to receive their pay via direct deposit into their personal bank accounts, instead of receiving a paper check. This pilot program is currently being tested at four military installations: Fort Hood, Fort Bragg, Naval Station Norfolk, and Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

So far, the program has been a success, with over 80% of participants saying that they are satisfied with the program. Direct deposit is more convenient for service members, and it also helps the DoD save money on printing and mailing costs. The MyFSAPay program is expected to be rolled out to all military installations by the end of Fiscal Year 2017.

What are the Pilot Results?

The initial pilot results are in for the myFSAPay program, and they’re very encouraging! The program is currently being piloted in four states – California, Florida, Texas, and Illinois – and so far, it’s been a resounding success. In each of the pilot states, the program has helped families save an average of $300 per year on their child care expenses.

What’s even more impressive is that the program has been able to do this without raising taxes or putting any new burden on state budgets. In fact, by working with existing child care providers to create more efficient payment systems, the myFSAPay program is actually helping to save taxpayer money.

The bottom line is that the myFSAPay program is working exactly as intended: it’s helping families afford quality child care, while also saving taxpayer money. We’re very excited about these initial results and we can’t wait to see how the program grows in the future.

How to Use the MyFSAPay Program

The MyFSAPay program is a new pilot program that allows eligible recipients to receive their payments faster and more conveniently. Here’s how to use the program:

1. Sign up for an account at You will need to provide your name, address, and Social Security number.

2. Once you have created an account, you will be able to add your bank account information.

3. Once your bank account information has been added, you will be able to choose how you would like to receive your payments. You can choose to receive your payments via direct deposit or through a prepaid debit card.

4. If you choose to receive your payments via direct deposit, you will need to provide your routing number and account number. Your payment will then be deposited into your account within 2-3 business days.

5. If you choose to receive your payments through a prepaid debit card, you will be sent a card in the mail which you can activate online. Once activated, you can use your card anywhere that accepts Visa debit cards. Your card will be reloaded with your payment each month.

What’s Next for the MyFSAPay Program?

The MyFSAPay program is a new way for recipients of Financial Services and Administration Payments (FSAP) to receive and manage their funds. The pilot program launched in March 2016 with a group of select FSAP recipients, and the results have been very positive so far.

Now that the pilot program is complete, we are evaluating the data and feedback we’ve received to determine the next steps for the MyFSAPay program. We want to ensure that this new system is making it easier for FSAP recipients to access and manage their funds, while also providing the best possible level of security and protection.

We appreciate all the feedback we’ve received from participants in the pilot program, and we look forward to continued input as we move forward with the MyFSAPay program.

How the MyFSAPay Program Works

The MyFSAPay program is a new way for parents to receive child support payments. The program is currently being piloted in select counties in California.

With MyFSAPay, parents can choose to receive their child support payments via direct deposit into their bank account, or through a prepaid debit card. Payments are deposited into the account on the first of every month, and parents can access their funds anytime, anywhere.

MyFSAPay is a safe and convenient way for parents to receive child support payments. To enroll in the program, simply log into your MyFSA account and select the MyFSAPay option.

What are the Pilot Results?

The pilot results for the MyFSAPay program are in, and they are very encouraging! The program was designed to help low-income families with their expenses, and it has succeeded in doing just that. In fact, families who participated in the pilot program saw their incomes increase by an average of $600 per month. Additionally, the program helped to reduce stress and anxiety levels among participants. Overall, the pilot results show that the MyFSAPay program is a success and can help low-income families improve their financial situation.


Overall, we are extremely pleased with the results of the MyFSAPay pilot program. The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have seen a significant decrease in late payments and NSF fees. We believe that this program has the potential to greatly improve financial wellness for our members, and we are excited to continue expanding it in the coming months.

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