A Goldmine Many Missed Out On: LinkedIn Datasets

Don’t let the naysayers get to you and tell you this is the era of GPT3 and Cryptocurrency. I will argue that we are in a new age of big datadriven companies. For example, why wait for the right candidate to apply for a role in a company when you can search through the entire LinkedIn profile dataset to source the “perfect candidates”? Big data is similarly embroiled in seeking investment alpha, training an AI model, or automating a sales prospecting process. We have the dataset for some of such big-data needs.

LinkedIn is a wildly popular business platform used by many companies for various use cases. However, conducting menial searches is a tedious and repetitive task that is not cost-effective. While large companies with thousands of employees may be able to cope with this tedious task, this may not be the case for your business if you are a mid-sized company or a startup.

LinkDB by Proxycurl is a complete LinkedIn dataset of people and companies that provides you with an opportunity to integrate the vast sea of LinkedIn public data into your business applications in an easy, efficient and legal manner.

If you are a mid-market company based in the US or Europe with at least 50 employees, or if a reputable VC funds you for at least 1M USD, then there is a good chance that LinkDB might suit your needs.

LinkDB – An Exhaustive List of LinkedIn Database

An entire country’s people and companies database in your application

LinkDB is an exhaustive dataset of publicly accessible LinkedIn members and companies. The database contains the profiles of 17+M companies worldwide and people’s profiles separated by regions. The regions include countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. We have snapshots of other countries too.

Google and Bing scrape public LinkedIn profiles and index publicly accessible LinkedIn profiles as part of their search results. In the same way, you, a tech startup, can have the power of the LinkedIn dataset powering your product.

How to Use LinkedIn Database in LinkDB?

Sales & Marketing Automation & Lead Generation

Automate your sales process of getting prospects and leads from LinkedIn.

HR Recruitment Talent & Candidate Search

Find the perfect candidate from among millions of professionals on LinkedIn within a region of interest globally.

Investment Analysis using Alternative Data

Use data metrics, such as how fast an employee count is growing, to make investment decisions to gain significant alpha against your peers.

Who is LinkDB for?

LinkDB is most suitable for middle-market companies based in the US or Europe with at least 50 employees, or to startups funded by reputable venture capital firms for at least 1M USD.

The LinkDB LinkedIn Datasets

To provide flexibility in terms of usage and size, the LinkDB dataset has been separated into regions. There are various classes of data snapshots. These are:

  1. People profiles — 170+MM profiles of people based in the US
  2. People profiles — 8.7M profiles of people based in Canada
  3. People profiles — 876000+ profiles of people based in Israel
  4. People profiles — 15+M profiles of people based in the UK
  5. People profiles — 1.7+M profiles of people based in Singapore
  6. People profiles — ~6M profiles of people based in Australia
  7. People profiles — ~1.5M profiles of people based in Ireland
  8. People profiles — ~1.5M profiles of people based in New Zealand
  9. People profiles — ~9.2M profiles of people based in Germany
  10. Company profiles — 17+M profiles of global companies

Other than the countries listed above, Proxycurl also have a growing list of datasets of other countries. Feel free to get from them a breakdown of their people profile by countries.

What’s more, they have provided some sample data (check out their website) if you want to experiment with the dataset in your local development environment. You can load the sample dataset into a relational database and check out the sample queries for guidance.

Proxycurl – A Data Company with Rich & Fresh Data of People & Companies

Proxycurl is an amazing data company that offers rich and fresh data of people and companies. You can benefit from their LinkDB LinkedIn database, or their multiple LinkedIn APIs to power your businesses and applications. Most amazingly, they don’t have bulky and complicated pricing structure, you can just pay as you use, getting fresh LinkedIn data at just one cent per profile.

For those of you that are concerned about data privacy and the legality that comes tangled with such data usage, Proxycurl is completely compliant with 2 important frameworks – GDPR and CCPA, allowing you to power their businesses worry-free.

Check out their amazing APIs and LinkedIn datasets on their website if it is something you are keen for your business!

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