Cool Ideas to Use Glow Stick

Glow sticks can be used nearly everywhere. These glow sticks are so much fun! Glow sticks can make everyday items and activities look super cool. They also glow in the dark! We all know that it’s much more fun to have things glow in the dark. You could choose to have a few fun glow stick parties or host a whole party. You can have some fun with your guests, no matter what theme you choose. Below are some of the fun things and activities that you can do with glow sticks that will entertain you.

Fun Things to do with Glow Sticks


Take bowling to the next level of fun. Glow-in-the-dark backyard bowling pins are made from glowsticks and water bottles. You can make at least six of these and you can use any type of ball (basketball or soccer ball) to knock down your glowing pins.


You can make a ring-toss even more fun by using glow sticks. You can also make a pole from almost anything and make rings as large or small as you like. Although the glowstick necklace seems to be perfect in size, you can also link several of the glowstick bracelets together.


For fun party decorations or as a family activity, fill balloons with glowsticks. Once your balloons have been filled with air, insert one or two glow sticks into each balloon. Finally, tie them off. These would look great hung from the ceiling.


This glow-in-the-dark party idea is spectacular. The glow sticks don’t make the drink. The glow sticks are placed at the bottom of a cup with a clear plastic cup at the top to make your drink sparkle. Genius! This can be used both for children’s and adults’ drinks.


We are becoming more sophisticated with the glowstick. To create this glowing chandelier, first, hang a plant stand upside down. Then hang glow sticks above it. If you have a better idea, you can also try yours and check which will make a great glow stick chandelier.


Connect the hoop using the connectors from the necklace glowstick and attach it to your hula hooper with zip ties or tape. Once you’ve formed your hula hoop, grab a friend and let your competition begin!


Start running the water in the tub, crack a few sticks and throw them in the tub. Shut the door and turn off the light then jump in. You will see the glow sticks are brighter than you realize! The bathroom will glow with water as you bathe. It is possible to mix different colors to create a new color. It can glow purple if it is mixed with blue and red. This activity is extremely popular among children, but admit it, you would love to try it yourself too. Oh, don’t forget to bring the bubbles!


Use bracelet-sized glow sticks to create phrases and words for special occasions. This is a cheaper alternative to real neon lights, but it looks just as good!

Final Thoughts

There are certainly plenty of things that a glow stick can do. These sticks will not only give color to a simple thing, but they will give entertainment and joy to the people around. So, if you are planning to host a party soon, or just want to have fun, prepare your glow sticks now! You can purchase glow sticks bulk online or at any store near you.

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